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  1. On 4/17/2024 at 10:48 PM, Cat A Tonic said:

    KY State stages are now posted on our FB page!  We’ll also be shooting our regularly scheduled monthly match this Sat, for those who want to get in a little more practice. 10am

    What’s the name of your FB page, can’t find it. 

  2. I agree 100%. I personally try my best to post pictures and results from our Memphis Gunslingers events. We have a FB page and I try to post upcoming matches to keep everyone informed. Find us, like us, come shoot with us.


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  3. I’ve just started trying out the 45 Cowboy Special. After several test loads I’ve settled on 4.6 grains of Titegroup under a 160gn RNFP. It shoots great, little to no recoil and at this charge all the powder flakes burn up. I started at 4.0 but it was very dirty. I’m using 45 Colt dies with a 45 acp Taper Crimp, would prefer a Roll Crimp but using what I already have right now. 


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  4. One of my friends is looking at getting into Cowboy Action Shooting. He’s looking at a Liberty II, made in Turkey. It’s new in the box and is actually a great looking gun. Does anyone use one or know anything about them. The guy selling it is asking 500. 




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