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  1. 13 hours ago, John Barleycorn, SASS #76982 said:

    I like the 15lb key lock if it has that and 15 Vaquero/ New Vaquero for the one that doesn’t have the key lock. 15lb should pop most primers.

    Thanks, order placed 

  2. 59 minutes ago, John Barleycorn, SASS #76982 said:

    I have to disagree. Snipping coils off will not make the spring stiffer, but I do agree, just buy the right springs from Wolff. 

    So which springs should I buy ? I didn’t see different lengths. 

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  3. I have a set of Stainless Ruger New Vaqueros, one grip frame is the California safety and one is a regular grip frame. My question is when replacing the Hammer Springs for SASS shooting. There’s roughly .200” difference in the length. If I install 15 lb springs should I install both the same or snip a few coils off the one going in the shorter setup ? These are just pics I found online that show the difference. The 2nd pic is what I’m calling a California frame because of their ridiculous safety laws.



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