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  1. Wait, NY? Are you talking about the same Squibber I know about? I just recently handed my 97 over to Tom Squibber here in AZ. Because I've heard he does amazing 97' work! Maybe I'm getting them confused (i'm new here!). But Squibber with the Dusty Bunch here in AZ is great! I can't wait to get my 97 back from his shop!
  2. Hey there! I'm not quite looking for trades at the moment, but I'll surely make note of this if I don't find a buyer!
  3. Yup! I just took and added the photos this morning. This forum is much more user-friendly than some of the others I've used in the past! Adding the pics was a breeze! Feel free let me know if you have any other questions!
  4. Hey there fellas! I'm a brand new SASS member, I'm still getting my kit together (hard to find the right guns these days!). I was going to get a pair of Taylor Tuned Smoke Wagons (tuned by Cody Conagher), but I only found one, and I've decided to change over and get a pair of New Vaqueros instead of trying to hunt down a matching one! So this one is for sale! It's a "case hardened" finish, .357 4.75in model, bought it from Cody who tuned the action (it is not short stroked, just tuned). Feels great! I put about 50 rounds of 125gr cowboy loads through it, and that's it! So it's nearly brand new! Bought it for $688 plus shipping. Asking $650 shipped to your FFL! And I'm in AZ if anyone wants to avoid the shipping. I can take MO, Checks, PP, Venmo or Cash if face to face. Feel free to contact me for any questions! See pics below! Thanks! -Lever Rat
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