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  1. Hey guys!! So my father and I have decided to share a rifle for the next few seasons for financial reasons, so I decided to sell the rifle I purchased recently for SASS competition! It's an 18" octagon barrel .38 caliber 10-shot Taylor's/Uberti 1873 with a Cody-Matic Action Job (and let me tell you it is SMOOOOTH and QUICK!) I can operate the lever action with my pinky no problem! I absolutely love the rifle, but have only taken it out twice since getting it, and I'm afraid it sits in the safe more than it should. It's like new, no scratches or wear at all. It's also got a small black leather wrap on it from Cody Conagher, and I replaced the short front sight with a taller one from Onlineoutpost so that it shoots dead on at 10-25 yards. Only has about 100 rounds through it total. Spent $1600 on it shipped. Asking $1400 shipped to your FFL! I'll throw in some Palo Verde lever-rifle dry-fire practice dummy rounds as well! Pics Below! Feel free to ask any questions or shoot me a msg! I prefer pp/venmo payments, but will take checks/MOs as well. Thanks! -LR
  2. The holsters can be locked into place via a pair of flush-fitting tensioning screw on the backside that can be adjusted to your preference! However, I'm not sure whether or not a 5 1/2 can fit. I've never had the chance to try one. I bet Mernickle, or perhaps someone with experience with holster fitment would know though. It's roughly 34.8 inches from the buckle to the center hole
  3. UPDATE: SOLD! Ty fellas! I've got a complete double strong side gunbelt+holsters+shotshell belt combo for sale! It's the "High Performance" package from Mernickle. Completely unused, in gunfighter brown! It was made for a hip measurement of 36 but has adjustments for slightly larger/smaller, includes everything you see: the gunbelt, shotshell belt, two revolver holsters (4.25in barrel Vaquero/Cattleman), staging strip for 38/357, ammo caddy, and badge holder. I paid $600 total for the package. UPDATE: asking $425 for it shipped to your door! (But feel free to shoot me an offer!) If interested, please send me a message with contact info and I can answer any questions or send any pics you'd like! Update: I've added photos! As you can see, it has never been used! I just put the holsters on the belt and put my badge on it when I got it all! I just don't have the time to go compete for a long while and would hate to see a brand new setup collect dust when I could use the funds elsewhere! Thanks for checking it out fellas! -LR
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