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  1. I have about 100 rounds of 38spl ammo, but I'm about to sell my 357s! So if anyone is in the Phoenix AZ area, I'll sell the lot for $20. About 80 rounds are 158gr round nose, while the rest are 125gr flat nose.
  2. Hello, I've got a Winchester 1897 16ga Takedown shotgun for sale, operates smoothly and shoots true, no issues with ejection. Has a 28in barrel, and hasn't been modified, just been sitting in a safe after my father bought it from a collector. Has a worn-out butt pad, everything else seems to be original! Wood/Stock is in great condition! Asking $470 shipped to your FFL I take PP, venmo, zelle, or MO.
  3. Bumpity bump! Make me an offer fellas!
  4. BTT and dropping price significantly! Shotgun has to go!
  5. Update! SOLD So my dad and I have to sell off some of our guns to make payments on an unforseen car expense, and so Ive decided to put my newly acquired pump gun up for sale. I really hate to part with it, since I havent been able to take it out and compete with it yet. But Im sure it will make someone really happy! It's a late model Winchester 1897 12ga takedown, serial places it around 1937 production. Either it had been re-blued at some point or the darn thing had never seen much use at all. Picked it up from a guy who collected 19th century firearms. Had it worked up by none other than the legendary Squibber, who gave it an amazing action job, polished the internals, increased the mag capacity to 6, shortened the barrel down to 21, put a nice bead on it, and cut the stock a little shorter to make it handier for our sport. It is by far the smoothest shooting and loading pump gun Ive ever had the joy of owning, even if Ive only had it for less than a year. No abuse, no gouges or scratches, bore is smooth and clean, absolutely NO rust or pitting etc... It looks absolutely beautiful and shoots true. Hope someone can take her out to some matches and really put er to the test! Dropping price to $1050 or best offer, shipped to your FFL! Feel free to ask any questions! Im local to PHX AZ.
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