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  1. Hello all Poe here, So I got me a set of SASS Vaqueros, now looking for a set for the old man. I have a brand new 2020 colt python I would be willing to trade straight across. Id really like to have them cowboy'd up and ready to go. Thanks all
  2. Hello, Poe here again bringing some of my safe queens out to get some action hopefully. I am only interested in Shotgun Boogie only new vaqueros, 73s, and double shotguns. I would be willing to trade my babies to get what I am looking for. The Python is a 2020 Python 6" .357 brand new never shot, and the Uberti Dalton is in my opinion the most beautiful revolver Uberti makes in .357 5 1/2" barrel also brand new never shot. Both weapons have original box and paperwork. I know there are handfuls of incredible gunsmiths out there but unfortunately I am my fathers son and am very stubb
  3. Well, I guess I'm just not sure what id like. I'm assuming I will find that out real quick after I start running some guns. At the least I will have a weapon I could keep as a backup after I find the things I'd prefer! And I am located in Las Vegas, NV.
  4. Apologies, I added barrel length and the shape, not sure on grip. Probably straight if I had a choice!
  5. Hello all, My name is Poe, I am a younger shooter new to the sport. I have been to a local shoot and met some truly great people and decided that I am all in, and my father loved it and is excited to get into it. I have shot competitions in the semi side and did not find it nearly as fun as I found cowboy action shooting. I unfortunately am a buy once cry once guy and am looking for competition ready items. Preferably by shotgun boogie as that was suggested multiple times if I wanted to buy once. I am looking for (x4) vaqueros in .357/.38 4.62" barrel length. (x2) Uberti 73s in the
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