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  1. Dang I just picked up a 'Uberti 73 factory vanilla needing mods...if not for that , I would be all over this!....Gotta let my posse know about it..wont last long here!
  2. Yup...Got a PM from the same miscreant...your post gave me a heads up and maybe saved my bacon.....Many Thanks!!
  3. Tbt250602-your message will not open in my email so I cannot reply. Try just sending a normal email. Dl7081@outlook.com
  4. Parson John- Thanks! I'm really hoping to find some complete cartridges. I'm traveling right now but will be back home in a few days and I'll contact you then to make arrangements. Dl7081@outlook.com
  5. I'm looking for 32-40 ammo or components to hand roll some. Have a relative with a vintage 1899 Winchester 94 in 32-40 he inherited from a relative. He would like to be able to shoot it a bit and I'm trying to help him out. Let me know what you got.
  6. I'm looking for 32-40 ammo or components. You wouldn't happen to have a current source for completed ammo and or Brass would you?? If I can find brass I would definitely be interested in the bullets but for now, I have nothing. Thanks in advance
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