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  1. 250 round bags of 165gr factory ammo.$150 per 250.1500 CCI Blazer250 Winchester 180 Mixed (Federal, Winchester, CCI) $100
  2. tired to send you private message, but it wont go through.
  3. Looking for some if anyone is willing to part with it. Thanks!
  4. Thanks for the kind words, John. Just trying to be helpful. Squ1d
  5. For those of you who load 45 Cowboy Special on a Dillon Press, I designed a case feed adapter for the 45 cowboy special brass. Most people flip around the 45LC adapter, but it isn't sturdy and can come out during the reloading operation. This Adapter is designed and tested for use with the 45 CS brass. It has a smaller opening than the 45LC that is just enough to see if that pesky 45ACP round got mixed in. It fits in the press using the same slot as all the other adapters Dillon sells. $25 shipped to CONUS. Willing to ship outside US. Contact me for details. email: squ1dw
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