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  1. I only wanted the extra power in the 357 mag (as compared to the 38 special) for hunting / self defense. I fully understand there is no need and that it would be counterproductive to use in Cowboy Matches. What I was hoping was a rifle that I would have the option of doing both well. And it seems like a Marlin 94 or Win/Browning 92 would be build a little better to handle 357 mag but slower in competition (where I'd be shooting 38), and the Win/Rossi 73 would be a lot faster in competitions, but that these rifles weren't really designed to handle the higher pressure of a 357 mag
  2. Wow. I didn't know Uberti used to make the 1873 in 44 mag. That seems like an awful lot of oomph for that platform. But I know that at least one over-charged round is cycled through each one at testing so at least it seems pretty safe to shoot and the biggest risk (if any) is picking up stress fractures over long-term use as opposed to blowing up in your face. To clarify, I use a bolt action rifle some nice folks in Missouri built for me chambered in 6.5 Short Action Ultra Magnum with an over-the-top fancy scope for long range big game hunting (i.e. shooting mule deer and elk fr
  3. Thanks all for the advice. I think the obvious solution here is that I should just buy two guns and hope the wife doesn't notice. I really like the 16" barrel HBB or 1894 Marlin in 357 mag as a short range hunting/self defense gun. The new steel Henry's that came out this year seem to address many of the criticisms raised about them (i.e. they have a side loading gate instead of making you load through the tube and are a more reasonable weight than the prior models). I like that they are built in the USA but don't like how the company seems to have handled itself with its advert
  4. Hi All, I have a pretty decent knowledge of bolt hunting rifles but am new to SASS. I do not currently compete, but would like to have the option to do so in the future if/when I have the time. And by compete, I mean enjoy myself while participating in competition, doubt I'll ever have the time and energy (or skill, for that matter) to try and win/place. That being said, I have been researching lever action rifles that could serve double duty as a short range hunting rifle & self defense (largely self-defense from charging boar or the occasional bear as opposed to
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