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  1. 38 minutes ago, Colorado Coffinmaker said:


    45 ACP Head Spaces on the case mouth.  C45S Head Spaces on the case rim.  Actual head space for either is the same as the ACP cases stick up out of the chamber to the same height as C45S.  The only advantage to the 45 ACP cylinder is the lack of space between the case mouth and the throat, eliminating lots of bullet "jump."  I found little if any difference in accuracy or function when shooting C45S in 45 Colt chambers.  Ergo, unless you just want to run 45 ACP cases in your single action, adding 45 ACP cylinders is most likely a waste of money.


    Oh, and 45 Barnstormer won't chamber in a 45 ACP Cylinder when loaded normally.

    Those barnstormers were fun to play with. Too bad they aren't available anymore. 

  2. YEE HAW!!! The Boss just gave me the ok to attend this fine affair. She called in the "Grammy" a professional little person watching specialist in her absence so I can be there. God bless my wife, she knows when a man just needs a weekend away with six shooters, shotguns and Tennessee whiskey. Best sport best people anywhere. Registration in the mail shortly! 

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  3. 3 hours ago, Cholla said:

    I feel like I may have helped the scammer. He was actively PMing me asking my advice. I let my guard down for one minute and this is what happens!

    The guys name and criminal record is posted on the Coltforum.

    I wouldn't feel bad, you are always on here quick to spot a scammer. It happens. I actually posted something on that ad calling BS and changed it because I couldn't prove it. I don't think he got anyone for their money. They are everywhere it seems we all try to give the benefit of the doubt. 

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