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  1. I was going to buy a brand new Ford after I sold my house. The prices are ridiculous. I decided to take that money and make my old 71 F100 into something I could drive every day and enjoy. Worth every penny. Fun, fun ,fun!! I have to add 15 to 20 minutes a drive just to talk to folks that stop and ask me about it. Still would like a new one someday but when you can see them from a space satellite collecting dust and rotting in mass I'll pass for now. 



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  2. 3 hours ago, Cholla said:

    I feel like I may have helped the scammer. He was actively PMing me asking my advice. I let my guard down for one minute and this is what happens!

    The guys name and criminal record is posted on the Coltforum.

    I wouldn't feel bad, you are always on here quick to spot a scammer. It happens. I actually posted something on that ad calling BS and changed it because I couldn't prove it. I don't think he got anyone for their money. They are everywhere it seems we all try to give the benefit of the doubt. 

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  3. Selling my Colt SAA to fund a hot rod truck build. 2012 Colt SAA nickel 4 3/4 45COLT. Just got this gun back from Bob James in AZ. Smooth as silk with custom giraffe bone grips. Original grips comes with. Blue box and white sleeve as well. This gun has been fired by Bob only to verify poa. Pm with any questions. 3000.00. 




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  4. 6 hours ago, Tequila Shooter said:


    When I first started I tried using a drill with a socket, then I built a homemade where I’d flip the cases over and into a pan.  Neither of them worked for me, they did work, but I was the weak link, I got tired of watching a watch and I wanted something that gave me more consistent results.  I looked at some of the machines on the market and for what I was doing (just one caliber) based on price I decided on the Anealeez.  I’d also suggest getting a bottle of Tempilaq when you start it helps with making sure you don’t over or under anneal. 



    Available on Amazon

    Is this the right temp range? I'm going to order some. There are a few different options. Thanks 

  5. Well it hold the brass good without dropping and cycles well so thats a good 1st step. I need to pick up some fuel and see how the angle is but I think it has enough room. 


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  6. 1 hour ago, Tequila Shooter said:

    @Needle-Nose-Tom if it’s still getting hot here’s a couple of things you can try: get the magnum short wheel kit, also on eBay you can get a thermal kit eBay


    Let us know how it works out. 

    Will do. I have the next gen version that heats from the other side so it has a bit more give to angle it. I'll get out soon and see what happens. Thanks for the links. 

  7. I ordered one to try out, came today. The 45cs really gets worked over so I figured I'd see how it does. The extra wheel set is too wide. I'm going to cut it down and see if it will work. 


  8. Love mine, got it from Long Hunters. They have got them figured out, it works amazingly well super smooth drops open immediately. Hammers are stiff but that's not something they work on because of reliability. I actually got the 30 inch barrels cut down to 22 inches. Lots of practice and the hammers are getting better. If you want it as fast as it can be send it to them. 

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  9. I'm back in TN early after my surgery and plan on coming down one day to watch and take it all in. Can't pick up anything more than a milk jug I'm told for another month so no shooting this year for me dang it. What day would ya'll say is best Sat? Thanks looking forward to it. 

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