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  1. Thank you for your post, I was in need. While I do understand the cost being higher for me it just is what it is. For a man with just this one new hobby it's worth the fun. I have other friends with much more expensive habits and hobbies. I really hate to think it would stop folks altogether but everyone has their own budget for sure. 

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  2. Long Hunters deluxe Taylor and Co runnin irons stainless 5.5 inch barrels in 45colt. These have had all the work done plus additional brass sure hits and a custom 11 degree muzzle crown. Only 25 rounds each like new. Beautiful and smooth pistols, I got a set of Colts and schofields so these just sit in the safe. 


    Looking to trade for a back up rifle in 45colt with work already done or not. 73 or 66, thanks for looking. 

    Anybody  with a used rifle within range of a day trip from middle TN I could meet face to face These pistols are practically brand new.20210812_083529.thumb.jpg.e90fabe39e41ae35c128e36bcf0bf44c.jpg20210812_083540.thumb.jpg.566f2b8e7bba33a77e6e8bc73889c586.jpg20210812_083503.thumb.jpg.d11e07c343d863a7e7fc7328fddfb760.jpg

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  3. Send it to Bob James and then shoot the mess out of it. I did, best running guns I have ever held. My two kids have already picked out which one is theirs. 3rd gens from 2020 they are more fun than they will ever be worth I'm my lifetime. 

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  4. Thank you so much for the kind words. Thanks again for taking the time to meet up, it was a pleasure doing business with you and great to meet you. Reminds me again that this game has the best folks in the world. 

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  5. Last I will say about this because it has nothing to do with the original post. I can not and will not let it stand that in any way I was putting anyone ESPECIALLY my kids or wife or whoever else you want to imagine in danger. As far as the targets they are chairs and balls that don't have souls and do not identify as children.

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