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  1. Bought this as a back up brand new from Longhunters only test fired. This thing is slick as they come for a hammered double falls open with no resistance. Big brass bead front sight. Cut a 5 degree negative angle in the stock for reduced recoil and natural aim. $900.00 shipped or face to face in TN. 20231203_114426.thumb.jpg.1c67895e7ff4fdb79d7105ddf27e2e22.jpg20231203_114125.thumb.jpg.39d59fadbf02ce5e55c722c4f89bc023.jpg20231203_113927.thumb.jpg.bc1c9a868f41f02af19f25d371d7f857.jpg20231203_113907.thumb.jpg.e186224190f373c97bad2e04c1b77bcf.jpg20231203_114050.thumb.jpg.0aea4e1bb836853ef9e7e35aa7fb60c6.jpg20231203_114304.thumb.jpg.5d8beda1bd6ea2a0fe9e5d8394ab491c.jpg20231203_113708.thumb.jpg.33ecc97f69ad5910d751389013929659.jpg

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  2. These are about as good as it gets. New model stainless 3.75 inch 45 Colt birdshead. Jimmy Spurs full race package bars removed. Custom giraffe bone grips, slip on brass sights 20231207_115109.thumb.jpg.cb2ffc307dfaa07cbdd686fe9ab38166.jpg20231207_115040.thumb.jpg.1a81c1af5acd1921097767e4617cd4e0.jpg20231207_114942.thumb.jpg.1733abe2e9f0e855caadae6808f65f4b.jpgand they come with custom Mernickle full carved and spot Deuce holsters. Over 1k in grips and holsters alone.  $3000.00 firm, shipped from my ffl to yours or face to face in TN. No trades thanks for looking any questions I'd be glad to answer. 

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  3. 3 hours ago, Cholla said:

    I feel like I may have helped the scammer. He was actively PMing me asking my advice. I let my guard down for one minute and this is what happens!

    The guys name and criminal record is posted on the Coltforum.

    I wouldn't feel bad, you are always on here quick to spot a scammer. It happens. I actually posted something on that ad calling BS and changed it because I couldn't prove it. I don't think he got anyone for their money. They are everywhere it seems we all try to give the benefit of the doubt. 

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