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  1. What is the relevance of black powder? Should I or would I need to take this into consideration? Why? What would I be looking at to make them work? (this is all new to me) Thanks!
  2. Thank you one and all for your responses and offers to let me try out your own pieces! (Quite nice of you) For clarity, I already own one in 45lc with the 7.5” barrel, and love it to pieces. The grip size is very good for my hand, whereas many of the 1873-type are to small (especially the ruger NV’s without the bisley handle). I like to shoot it single-hand (dualist/gunfighter?) The last time I used it (not CAS related), 45lc’s were close to $2 a round, but I see they’re better now. (I do not - nor do I have plans to -reload my own ammo at this time). For the immediate, I’m
  3. Hey all! BRAND new. Thinking about finally getting into some cowboy action. I really love the look and feel of the (Cimarron) 1875 Outlaw (I steer towards the 7.5” barrel, but I wouldn’t be mad having the 5.5” either). But, would they be a good choice? If so, 45 or 357/38? What would be a reasonable price for a pair? Where would I look for holsters to fit them? Any helpful insight would be great! (again - brand new) Thanks!
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