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  1. I started to reply to several people individually, but I would have been adding a bunch more replies to the thread so will settle for one reply so far. I am near Sacramento, and the nearest monthly match timewise for me is River City Regulators at Yolo Sportsman's. I actually stumbled upon them and the whole Cowboy Action sport looking for ranges near me. I own a rifle currently, and while not SASS legal, it is in the same spirit - 30-30 Henry in Brass. Not an 1860, but one of the current manufacture Henry's. (well before they went to almost all models having a side loading gat
  2. Hello, First, I have been reading through the rulebook and posts, and wanted to ask a few questions. First, if the local SASS affiliated club you located in the club directory has a website listed that goes to a completely unrelated content, who should be notified? It wasn't NSFW, but was a website for a company in China. Google translate looks like it might be a domain squatter filling the page with various content and stock images, since the content isn't consistent. Any advice for observing a monthly club match? Should I reach out to them in email fir
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