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  1. First off I wanted to say thanks to all those that read and helped me out with the selection of my 1866. I held out and found a newer 38 special model. Now about ammo. Whats this I read only lead ammo? I have a lot of flat nose fmj in 130 gr. Can I shoot that? At all? Thanks. Ammo not easy to come by and I don't reload.
  2. Thanks everyone for all the information so far, and moreover for all the thought and time y’all have given me. I can take a risk and although I definitely have some concerns about wasting money but the biggest concern is that of ammo. I want to be able to use standard 38sp ammo like I use in my da/sa newer s&w’s., and this seems to be in question?
  3. Thanks y’all for the replies so far. Some great info. And yes 650 is where I am hoping to be but not too many around and these days people I think are putting them higher. A question I see is a discrepancy between two responses that maybe someone can clarify. I was thinking by the serial number it would be a little older run, as McCandless has stated. But judging by the lever safety and what silver Sam has said I’m not sure?
  4. The rifle is 38spl. And Pale Wolf thanks for the info. I see the MF. What do you think of the lever and safety set up? Also is the lever an accurate repro for the 1866?
  5. Thank for your opinion. I really appreciate it. Any idea what this is? And no not a real bargain at 800.
  6. Hello all. I am new here and am looking for some advice. I have a chance to buy the attached Uberti 1866. I am not quite sure what is is, importer, age, etc. It shows as a 66 but has 73 looking lever and trigger block. Serial number is said to be 31008. I have read some negative things about the older navy arms. Is this one? Is this worth while or one to avoid? Thanks a lot.
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