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  1. Texas Maverick , I tried to send a PM but it says you can’t get any. If you want to sell that Brass PM me a cost and I’ll send some gold. Maverick
  2. I wonder if you post them on a Glock forum someone might take them. Hopefully they find a good home. It’s a crying shame to see good brass go to waste. Maverick
  3. If more than one person has some, I’ll also take some. I too need some “show brass”. Maverick
  4. If Jack Spade doesn’t take you y’all up on the rigs, I’ll take a look at them.
  5. Grizzly Dave, I tired to send you a pm but the site told me you couldn’t receive any PM’s.
  6. Any idea of his contact info Still hand Bill?
  7. I need to move the buckle a little bit and if possible dye the whole rig black. It’s a brown color now, but the color is messed up from where the holsters used to sit, but then they got moved on the belt, so the coloring is off. I was hoping to have the work done before the end of the month. I’m heading out of town Nov 1 and was hoping to be able to take it with me.
  8. Thanks for the reach out Dirtheadz! I’m in the same boat. Looking for some OM Vaqueros, but not easy to find them. For now I’m borrowing my friends backups.
  9. I’m just getting started into CAS, and a great friend of my gifted me a belt and set of holsters. They are amazing but I need to do a little work to them to get them to work for me. Does anybody know of a good leather worker in the Colorado Springs or Denver area? Thanks! Maverick
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