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  1. Thanks for the info. I contacted them last week and their reply was that they didn't have any. No inclination as to when they might be available. Any other potential sources?
  2. Looking to replace the factory slotted cap. Options? Not really wanting the brass cap but not ruling it out. Anodized black hex head cap or saw mention if a knurled knob in a post. Thx all!
  3. I ordered the light safety spring, lifter/lever Slixxprings, light mainspring and hardened screws. Pretty inexpensive upgrades that I'll do myself. Is there a guide to lubrication points? I can make out most of the contact points, pins for toggles, lifter lever into carrier etc. Just wasn't certain as to if someone has a guide. Thx for the help guys. Please keep commenting as you see fit.
  4. Hello all, Please bare with me, I have been reading on here and looking online for a few weeks for info on my and other 1873 rifles. I still have a lot to learn and enjoy doing so. New here and to the 1873. Picked up a new, old stock 1873 competition model at what I thought was a great price; $800. I have a friend who does leather and some smithing and he extended the LOP, leather wrapped the lever, and covered the stock. Any owners out there that can attest to what was done at the factory to make this a "competition" rifle? Shotgun buttstock Shorter stroke Gold bead front sight "trigger job" ???? Need some advice as well on some additions: I'm looking at a few things: *Slixxprings lever springs *Tube alignment kit with SS spring and follower (aluminum or the composite tube version?) *Light safety spring *New tube cap; I see slotted brass is available but does someone make a black Allen key cap? *Hardened screw kit *PGW coil mainspring kit? Or custom lightened mainspring? Other than cost +/- of each? Other things to consider? I have a hard time with seeing the sights. Anyone using a fiber optic front sight?
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