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  1. Agreed!! Found out yesterday that a person I know who reloads commercially bought 185,000 small pistol primers last week and "cleaned" out the retailer's stock.
  2. Well, yesterday I just happened to run across: 1. 23,000 small pistol match primers (I was nice and only bought 1,000) 2. 2,000 large pistol primers (bought them all) Three others places in town were "out of stock" Next adventure is find #10 percussion caps.
  3. Oh, go back and read the original post link now, the updated article now begins: ditor's Note: This story has been updated with additional information regarding the closure from Old Tucson. Old Tucson, the Western-themed attraction that was the filming location of more than 400 feature-films and TV shows, is extending its closure indefinitely, with its future to be determined by Pima County.
  4. The Lightning makes an appearance around here once in a while but never really caught on.
  5. Hmmm, interested in results of this drama. I've NEVER be a fan of single trigger shotguns; I've just learned to use two fingers. However, if it is indeed a Cimarron product it's well worth a serious look. Good luck!
  6. Well, it's NOT 45 Colt; but at least it is IN STOCK. (either link works okay, just testing new computer) https://www.dixiegunworks.com/index/page/product/product_id/8348/category_id/319/product_name/CR0644+DixieUberti+No.+3+New+Model+Russian+Revolver #3 Russian
  7. I still like barrel racing. Watched "Return to Lonesome Dove" couple days ago. Rats!! Can't find my recording of "Crossfire Trail" Professional sports, you say? When they begin to act like professionals I might take a peek, but probably not; Sure do miss baseball though, but I do get to watch my grandson play so that sort of makes up for it. And I'll be real blunt -- when they kneel down during the National Anthem, irrespective of what they say; their actions show disrespect. I've lost too many friends who fought for that flag; and me and my sons and grandchildren will never dishonor their uniforms nor their flag. Period !!
  8. Well, I was "confronted" and lectured to a few years ago about being a racist and a product of "white privilege"; and I only had my job because of it. After quietly (through all his & her interruptions) sharing my "life story" they just sort of walked away and the woman turned and yelled back, "well, you're still a white boy racist". I think telling them about one of our many homes while growing up that had no indoor plumbing, a wood stove for heat, baths in cold spring water (quarter of a mile away), rainwater tubs for washing; maybe they figured they weren't so bad off. Probably not.
  9. Well years ago I "gave" a box of 45 Colt for $6; with promise to refund the $6 when he returned the brass. Would make same deal today except price would be $19 since Starline 45 Colt is $.19 each. You know, I still have his $6.
  10. Hmmm, what then am I supposed to do with my 45 Colt and 38 Special ammo loaded just after Katrina blew through here in 2005? Tell you what, I'll be shooting this Saturday and I'll report back.
  11. Uh oh, you mean I'm a member of a "persecuted" minority as a left-handed shooter? Ooooops
  12. Well, I sent a 10 pound USPS Priority Mail (1 day) on Wednesday to a location 120 away. It's "scheduled for deliver -- arriving late" today Friday. Other than the drive time it would have been cheaper to personally deliver. UPS was about a wee bit more expensive but guaranteed Thursday delivery. Oh well, I ship so little but sure aggravates the dickens out of me. On the bad side I had a Cimarron Runnin' Iron (stainless beauty) LOST by UPS for 5 days; finally found it and I received it 2 weeks after it was initially ordered.
  13. My thoughts exactly; I especially try to stay out of the shooter's peripheral vision.
  14. Yep, primers are getting ridiculous: my last purchase was 1,100 Federal Large Pistol for $52.84 (tax included) two weeks ago. Got to browsing around and found 10,000 on GunBroker with starting bid of $200; I think they finally sold for $1,100. Powder is getting up in price too. And you can forget ordering ammo online, unless you want to spend BIG $$$ ..
  15. Hmmmm, And Steve told me "never" use nickel-plated brass in your rifle (a Rossi 92 he revved up)
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