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  1. It would get a 1 Star review.
  2. Early 1980s as a plumbers helper I was paid in wrapped $100.
  3. A ham sandwich can be easily indicted. Apparently, a good DA could get a BLT indicted. However, a grilled cheese is a slippery devil, with butter on both sides.
  4. A few days ago I drove past a parking lot and saw a 1968 Galaxy convertible. Knew the year by the taillights..
  5. I happened to look them up yesterday. They became Commemorative Air Force in 2002. I worked on some of their engines at Mattituck Aviation.
  6. You can't blame the Democrats for trying to wipe out reminders of The Civil War.
  7. The night I turned 30 I ran out of beer around midnight. I'd only had 2 or 3 six packs so needed to get more. At the store I must have decided more cans of beer would be too much to carry so I bought a jug of Mad Dog. Walking home I stopped behind a billboard to drink the Mad Dog. That's how I celebrated my 30th birthday-drinking MD 20/20 behind a billboard. I celebrate 35 years sober in July.
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