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  1. Riding through brush, tucked in; working in a grain bin, out over the boots.
  2. Suffolk County VA on Long Island had a no appointment walk in vaccine availability today. I got there early was in and out in no time. Follow up appointment in 3 weeks. Had to be over 65 and seen by the VA within the past two years.
  3. Thanks! Pink Floyd is one of my favorites. I just bought the Live in Pompeii dvd. I actually saw that in the theater when it came out. It was part of a double feature with Night of the Living Dead. I was the only person there for the Floyd movie. After getting to see Nick Mason's Saucer Full of Secrets in Connecticut 2 years ago I started getting some of the Syd Barrett records I had forgotten.
  4. I'm not at all surprised it filled up that fast. With online registration, 500 spots for the first World Championships in what is basically the Northeast would be very popular. Helluva Ruckus used to reach the limit of shooters within days of the registration form being sent out. That registration was only by mail. I had to be in New York City yesterday. If not for a crane blocking the parking area I needed to get into, I would have been parked at 11AM. As it was I needed to circle around to get anywhere close to where I needed to be. I finally got online after 12 and by then it wa
  5. I was trying at the beginning of the second hour. Site wouldn't let me get very far before getting error messages. Kept trying until it quit doing anything. I'm surprised it took over 2 hours to fill up. If the sign up link worked right it would have been less than an hour.
  6. That is why it's not worth changing my address to my home from a PO box. I like the anonymity. Hazmat and pistol license required fingerprints and background checks.
  7. I renewed last year and didn't remember why I didn't get the Real ID. I looked again and it is because most of my proofs are my PO box address NY won't accept them. Can't get a real ID, but have a NY pistol license, Veteran health ID, CDL license with Hazmat endorsement and a Passport.
  8. Thanks everyone for the input. I have also been watching what the fund managers are doing and so far I don't need to make any major changes. I may also be sitting on a small fortune in powder, primers and percussion caps.
  9. I'm already retired and have 2 separate IRAs. 1 intended for growth, the other for income to supplement Social Security. I have no control over how the fund managers invest. Is it wise for me to trust my retirement to the fund managers? My balances have only gone down a little in the last week, I just don't want to sit back while the bottom drops out. Just looking for gut feelings not financial advice.
  10. I have retirement money in IRA's. Does anyone have a feel for leaving the funds in these managed accounts as opposed to getting them in a cash account?
  11. No need to apologize if it is what it seems to be. That is why we're here.
  12. Next Thursday I will qualify for Silver Senior category. Is there a recognized Silver Senior Gunfighter category or would that be a match director decision made at the local level?
  13. I had been shooting Gunfighter for years. With arthritis in both thumbs I need to be able to change shooting style in the middle of the match if one hand begins to freeze up. I had the correct gear to shoot BW and had shot it at times since it was added as a category. Classic Cowboy probably is category where everyone shoots similar gear. 73 or older rifle, hammer double and .40 caliber in rifle and pistol. (I would need both a rifle and shotgun.)
  14. My mother died at 1:30 this morning. She was 96 and had dementia for several years. She had a fantastic life that she didn't remember. She is at peace and has her memories back.
  15. My mother is going to die of covid 19. She was diagnosed 2 weeks ago today. On Friday they were planning to move her back to her regular room in the nursing home this week. Yesterday her oxygen levels were low. She has been put on oxygen and morphine. She is 96 and probably won't make it more than a couple days. It will be classified as a virus death. More likely it is because she hasn't been out of bed for 2 weeks. On topic, yes I will get the vaccine as soon as I can.
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