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  1. Pretty fierce competition in Georgia this week. All eyes on the outcome at the Masters.
  2. I used to work for a plumber. We never scheduled anything for Mondays so we would be available to fix what homeowners started on the weekend.
  3. If 2020 was a boxing match the referee would have stopped it.
  4. I wonder if getting those actual diseases works the same. I had all 3 of those before there was a vaccine.
  5. There is a road in my town called Bridge Lane. It's a little humpback bridge over railroad tracks. I was driving with some friends in my Dad's 1969 Ford LTD and I tried the bridge at 55mph. We jumped it. The guy in the back seat whacked his head on the roof pretty good.
  6. NYC- guns unloaded and cased. Ammo in a separate case. I forget the exact wording but stopping to visit Aunt Jane is not permitted however stops for fuel seem to be permitted.
  7. We had a Silverado stage a few years back. Scene where Jake shoots one guy on each side of the saloon door. I shot the 2 targets at the same time for the first 2 shots, then finished the string alternating. It was fun and worth the "P".
  8. I just checked and the Hole in the Wall Gang in Calverton is the 3rd Saturday, next weekend. I'm not going to get to the Boil after all. I had everything packed in the car and I got a call from Mount Sinai Hospital that my girlfriend has stomach cancer. I couldn't leave her alone for 3 days after hearing that news.
  9. I have asked for a return label, took package to the UPS store and was given the refund as soon as the label was scanned.
  10. If you don't mind a little travel the Long Island clubs are shooting this year. The East End Regulators shoot 1st Sunday every month in Westhampton. Hole in the Wall shoots 2nd Sunday in Calverton. This weekend is Buzzard Boil in Coventry CT. It can't be too far from rt 84. (I'll find out when I get there on Friday)
  11. They did everything backwards. Move safe then renovate. They should have cut the safe open where it is. Empty it out. Gold is heavy so if that's what is in it getting it out will make it lighter. Then dismantle the safe to make it lighter and smaller to get down the stairs.
  12. Trump needed to shut up and let Biden look like the fool I think he is instead of interrupting. Biden looked almost happy he didn't have to go into detail on anything. Trump looked like the bully the left thinks he is when he has a perfect record to run on.
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