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  1. Learned about SASS while living in Iowa. My sweet wife was thinking ahead and looking for something we could do “together” after our kids left home. I found the Turkeyfoot Cowboys about an hour from our house and went to the first match by myself, just to check it out. The folks were so friendly and fun and I ended up shooting a couple stages with borrowed gear, one stage in black powder. I was hooked. The following month both my wife and I attended and the rest they say is history. We got heavily involved with the club. Work days, training, cookouts, set up and taking down the shoots, club leadership and so forth. Worked the first year to get my ROI and ROII training so I could help write scenarios. Oh, and we added a dozen new cowboy guns to the family along with leather, hats, boots, dresses and on and on. It has been more than fun. Three years ago we moved to NM and found another small club in the area. We've made the greatest friends in the world and have such a blast. for new shooters, get involved. My wife loves the costumes, I love working on the guns and writing the shoots. One of our dear friends discovered she doesn't like to shoot all that much but she records scores and at the larger multi-day shoots we have the best camp keeper in the world! Theres something for everyone and enough fun to go qround, three times. Happy Shootzmore and Tam Bam
  2. Lady Antifa - it’s coming.
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