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  1. Thanks, but he doesn’t remove and reinstall the parts in question. I’ve watched that before.
  2. I took apart my Model 1897 shotgun to clean rust from the receiver and am now stuck on reassembly. The roadblock is the slide release button and the small “L” shaped wire spring that goes into the button on one end and into a tiny hole in the receiver in the other. I cannot figure out how to get this assembly back in and am hoping someone has a tip to do this. thanks as always, Jennison.
  3. Thank you. I've used PB blaster and Marvel Mystery oil in the past, neither of which had impressed me in removing rust (coupled with 0000 steel wool) any more than plain old 3 in 1 oil and steel wool. Kroil gets bandied about quite often here and on other forums. Is it really that much better at rust removal than the other penetrating oils? If so, I'll make a bee-line for it quicker than s**t through a goose. Thanks, Marshall Jennison
  4. Wow! Thanks for all the terrific advice! I punched out the pin and then knocked out the trigger guard with a small plastic headed hammer. Man, the inside of the trigger housing is loaded with red rust. Oiled red rust. I have to figure out how to get rid of it and keep it from coming back. As I mentioned, I think this is from a failure to remove the bluing salts completely. Any advice on how to attack the rust will also be greatly appreciated. Never a dull moment! Thanks, Marshal Jennison
  5. Hi all: I’ve looked all over and I cannot find out which direction to drift out the trigger assembly pin (and also which direction to reinstall it). I don’t want to damage anything, obviously. I have a pristine 2009 IAC Model 1897, never fired. I was shocked at all the bright, active rust—under glistening oil— in the magazine tube inside, the slide, and all over the inside of the trigger assembly. I strongly believe the factory simply didn’t bother to remove all the bluing salts. Luckily, the carrier, bolt and bore appear to be clean. Anyway, advice on removing and reinstalling that pin (as well as any other advice on the trigger assembly) would be much appreciated. I’ve got no other choice here. Thanks as always, Marshal Jennison.
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