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  1. Thanks! I’ll grease as GJ instructs as that make sense. I have Eezox and I’ll need to use it more than I do. The problem I have with Eezox is defined by the old adage “seeing is believing..”. I can’t be sure I’ve applied it uniformly or in all areas that need it; there’s no glistening or other normal signs of lube application. Any tips with that too, would be greatly appreciated. Thanks again, Jennison
  2. I’ve been cleaning and oiling my 1929 Model 1897 takedown shotgun with CLP. Is this sufficient for wear and corrosion protection or should I also be using some form of grease? If so, on what parts? Many thanks, Jennison.
  3. Just wondering if anyone has refinished the wood on a later (2009) IAC model 1897 shotgun. If so, what did you use to remove the existing finish? If some kind of poly, I’ll have to use a more invasive stripping method which I’d rather avoid. I’m hoping the Chinese used shellac or lacquer... Thanks, Marshal Jennison
  4. Thank you. I just wanted to make sure for him that it''s not one of the other Chinese makers I've seen referenced here as a "tomato stake." With the latter, what do those serial numbers look like? This one has a "C" prefix as mentioned. Thanks again.
  5. Hi there: A friend of mine was given a trench gun from an estate. He hasn’t picked it up yet but it is stamped “S.C. China” and “C090XXX” under the receiver. He can’t remember what the rest of the markings are. Any idea who the manufacturer is and the date made? Thanks, Marshal Jennison.
  6. Whew. Thank you both and yes, this is a 1929 E Model (or 1936, depending on which source is referenced). I think the best part about a Model 1897 is the "rattling" sound it makes when you handle it; the sound is similar to the sound they dub into movie scenes where guns are used. Marshal Jennison
  7. I took out the carrier on my Winchester 1897 to take apart and clean. I then put it back together, reassembled the gun and did a function test. I noticed that when the hammer is at the half-cock position and apply pressure to the trigger, the hammer moves back a tiny bit. It doesn't trip, but there's a slight backward movement. Is this normal? I just got the gun recently and didn't notice if that was the case before I removed the carrier for cleaning. Any insight would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Marshal Jennison
  8. Howdy all: I am restoring the slide lock function to to a Winchester Model 1897 shotgun I recently bought. The slide lock was disabled by someone removing the slide lock plunger and inserting an L-shaped piece of brass rod in its place. The long leg of the brass piece pushed the slide lock bar out of the way without having to push the release button. Anyway, I popped out the piece of brass and put in a proper slide lock plunger. Thing is, when I push on the plunger, it only depresses enough to slightly move the slide lock bar and not enough for it to retract sufficiently. It seems like the short leg of the plunger is bottoming out too soon or something. Something is blocking the plunger from pushing all the way in at full cock (I can see the depression in the hammer at full cock). When I install the long leg of the plunger with the short leg to the left and out of the way, I can depress the plunger and easily move the slide lock bar all the way in. Please help! Thanks, Marshal Jennison
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