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  1. Hello, I have a Model 1897 16ga shotgun that belong to my great grandfather. Based on the serial number with a C stamp it was manufactured in 1899. The shotgun itself is in really bad shape since it sat in a old shed at my family ranch for a really long time. The stock has a piece broken off and is loose and its missing the but plate. The forearm wood is attached but almost broken into 3 pieces. Also pretty much the metal is rusted and pitted including the exposed part of the bolt. The action does work but I can not break it down, the mag tube does not even turn and I haven't really tried to force it. I question is that I want to restore it to keep it for my son since its been in our family for 121 years. However, I been told that if I do that then I will ruin its value. I have no intentions of selling it so I don't care about the value, but I also don't want to ruin it at the same time. I would appreciate and input you have Thanks Alex
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