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  1. Very insightful. Thank you.
  2. Are factory cowboy loads fps and energy listed on the box tested with handgun or rifle lengh guns? If handgun, approx how much improvement in a 20 inch lever gun would you gain with 38 special, 357 mag 158grs LFN.
  3. Wondering if this round 142 GRZ FMJTC. Is safe to shoot out of the Uberti. It travels at 1420 fps. I think it might be to hkt and the while flat is still somewhat "pointy" Thanks SASS.
  4. No work done just competition rifle. I think the round nose bullets don't sit right in the tube. I haven't tried flat nose . Thank you.
  5. I guess I will only be shooting RNFP. But how does LSWC work?
  6. Thank you for your response. I am learning more on SASS then I have from any other source.
  7. Thanks guys. Look like I'll be bringing it to the shop.
  8. .y brand new 1873 Uberti competition fifle in 357 will only hold 8 rounds instead of 10. Wi adding an after market tube fitted for 357/38 fix the problem or could it be something else. Haven't tried flat nose round nose. Just RN lead 38 specials. Thank you SASS
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