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  1. 1 hour ago, Griff said:

    A little over 3 years ago I found myself in Sedalia, MO... And could NOT resist visiting both Sierra bullets and Starline... and since they're right next door to each other, it's REALLY convenient!  Anyway, I was looking for some .32-40 brass... and since I was there I picked up some .30-30 & 45 Colt brass.  They didn't have any .32-40, and weren't taking back orders for it.  As explained to me, (or how I understood their answer), they run brass based on demand.  After receiving enough requests, they will put "back order allowed" on the website, and when they have near their target quantity on order, they run that brass, filling back-orders and providing some for stock.  It was rather impressive seeing their in-house "store" with barrels and barrels of brass just sitting there!  And as you can imagine, the majority of the on-hand stock is not for "cowboy" cartridges.   Like Cholla, last year I backordered 45 Colt brass and actually received it within a week.  Sometimes you're at the front of the line and wait longer, or your's is the order that puts them over the top!

    I have been assuming this is how their production system worked, but when I asked Starline via email they wouldn't confirm. I even asked if there was a certain amount I could order to get the production run to happen and their response was that they can't tell me when .44 Russian (or any particular case) will be put into production.

  2. I’ll just pipe in here with still waiting on my backorder of .44 Russian from Starline placed in March 2021. Some calibers clearly aren’t produced as often and Starline won’t even give me a guess as to when they will be. 

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  3. 2 hours ago, Preacherman said:

    On a side note I prefer the Redding Profile crimp die over the Lee factory crimp die for my 44-40 and 38-40. It makes a perfect crimp without overworking the case neck rim. I've used both. It is a separate step as seating and crimping never works out as good as you're still pushing/seating the bullet while it is being crimped. Use the largest bullet that will chamber. Mine will accept a .431, but like others have said the throats must be larger than the barrel groove or ultimately you will be shooting an undersize bullet. My Rugers and Ubertis are .429". I can shoot .430 in my '73 and '66. Good shootin'!

    I've had the opposite experience loading for my Lightning rifle. I use a .200 grain .430 sized bullet to fit my barrel and it has no issues chambering. However if I try to crimp with the Redding Profile Crimp die, by the time the die is adjusted to get a good crimp, the bullet often gets stuck in the die. I assume it's that I'm using what is intended to be a .44 Special bullet but I've never tried a "true" .427 .44-40 bullet to compare. On the other hand, crimping with the Lee Factory Crimp die does a marvelous job!


    30 minutes ago, Slapshot said:

    Is the Lee Collet-Style Crimp die the same as the Redding Profile Crimp die ?

    Two different styles. The Redding Profile Crimp die rolls the entire circumference of the brass into the bullet, as opposed to the Lee which uses the collet style.

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  4. For what it’s worth, from personal experience, I only use the Smith Shop springs with aluminum carriers. They will work with lightened brass carriers—never tried with stock carriers—but they wear out much quicker than if you use an aluminum lifter. 

  5. Cimarron will have them. I had to order the firing pin return springs a while back and those aren’t listed online either. But I called them and they had plenty in stock. 

    Think about if you need any other spare parts; it’s one shipping charge no matter how many parts you order. 

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  6. 23 minutes ago, Cholla said:

    I just asked him and he doesn't slip hammer. I need to get my eyes checked.

    I shoot Classic and I've had a few people ask me if I slip hammer. I don't. But on big close targets I guess I'll sometimes pull the trigger so quickly after cocking the hammer that it can appear that I do. I'm not aware of anyone I've shot with who shoots in the duelist or gunfighter style and slip hammers. But I imagine there are some out there.

  7. I quite like mine. About half the bullets I’ve pulled take two strikes but it’s still a heck of a lot better than the hammer. I did have to shave off a bit of the latch which holds the component catch bin in order to get the thing out without prying with a screwdriver. Nothing a quick Dremeling couldn’t fix. 

    Add-on: I forget to mention that in order to pull my 44 caliber rounds without scratching the cases like crazy I had to buy the Magnum Carrier. Another $11 or so off Amazon. 

  8. Apparently J Hornaday are no longer producing these shirts and I'd love to have more. Before I learn to sew to reproduce them I wanted to see if anyone has any available for sale in 2XL. These sell normally for around $40 and I'd pay up to $30 for a used shirt, depending upon condition. Thanks!

  9. 2 hours ago, SHOOTIN FOX said:

    #7.5 lead shot,new, tumbled, graphited, $40 for #25. Limited quantity 

    I texted you but I suppose you’ve been pretty busy. I’ll take 75 lbs if available. 

  10. 2 minutes ago, Smokestack SASS#87384 said:

    Not arguing for or against the instruction as I haven’t looked at the stage close enough to have an opinion on it. However, any shooter can shoot duelist on any stage so without the special instruction, everyone still would be playing on the same field. I’ve personally held a shotgun while shooting a revolver duelist in a “traditional” category because it made sense to do it on that particular stage. 

    To go further down that line, each shooter chooses their category and receives the benefits and drawbacks of that category. I don’t think I understand this need to “even the playing field.” Seems to me all that rule would accomplish is tilting the playing field against a particular shooting style and/or category. 

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