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  1. Thank you to everyone who responded! Taking everyone's information and applying it to the materials I have on hand, I'm going to give a few different loads a go. Some with 405gr bullets because I have them, some with .457 round balls since I too have those. I'm sure it'll be fun to figure out what works and even more fun to shoot the match this fall. Thanks again!

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  2. Not too long ago I purchased an H&R Trapdoor with the intent to shoot it in Plainsman. I haven't had the opportunity to do so yet but I'm signed up for it at Land Run. Therefore, I'm needing to load up some rounds using the American Pioneer Powder I have. I know that I could just load the powder to the bottom of the bullet such that it's lightly compressed--like any other APP load--but I think that a sub-load might be perfectly fine for Plainsman distances while saving powder. I'm wondering if the SASS brain trust has any favored .45-70 APP (or blackpowder, generally) sub-loads for Plainsman that they'd share. Thank you!

  3. 2 hours ago, Reuben McCoy Rankin # 34239 said:

    I just called them to verify my 2 year old back order is still open.

    I ask how many thousand need to be ordered before they would produce them. 

    She couldn't answer that.

    I got the same response over email. 

  4. I emailed Starline last week to inquire, again, about when my two-year-old backorder of 44 Russian would be filled. They politely informed me, again, that they cannot say when those cases will be made but assured me that once they are they'll be shipped in first-come first-served order. I responded to ask if they could tell me if there were a certain number of cases which yet needed to be ordered in order for the production run to happen; they haven't responded yet. 

  5. 28 minutes ago, Abilene Slim SASS 81783 said:

    Howdy Joe, I've had just the opposite experience. I bought a Redding PCD for .44-40, but can't get a good crimp. When I dial the die down, for a better crimp, it shoves the bullet deeper into the case than when it left the seating die which is past the crimp groove. That leads to bulged and crumpled cases. I can see a ring where the die contacts the bullet. If I back off the die, the crimp is minimal. I'm making tiny changes in the die, but the line between too much and too little is incredibly small and for me, impossible to find.


    I'm not crazy about the Lee FCD, but it works.


    Data: Press is a Hornady LNL AP, RCBS Cowboy dies, Starline cases, 200 gr bullet from Missouri Bullet (uncoated), Bullets by Scarlett (coated), Rim Rock Bullets, (uncoated). Bullets are all .428.


    Do you have any recommendations I can try?

    I had similar experience with the Redding die when I began loading .44-40. The barrel of my Uberti 1873 slugged at .429 so I was using .430 sized 200gr bullets which I use for .44 Special. When I lowered the Redding Profile Crimp die it would actually pull the bullet from the case before it would apply a crimp. 

    I decided to size those bullets down to .427 and see what happened. After sizing the bullets the Redding Profile Crimp die produced an excellent crimp and no longer pulls the bullets.

    I’ve since shot them through my Uberti and they’re accurate enough for SASS distances and I don’t feel like I see any significant leading. 

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