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  1. I'm selling my chronograph, It's an Oehler Research Inc,  model 35P . it comes with everything you need 2 mounting rails , 2 stands and 3 receivers and hoods plus a carrying case. If you are a reloader you need a Chronograph and this is a top of the line chronograph, it is in very nice condition,Will sell for $395 + $50 sHIPPING they cost  $595 NEW   LOWERED PRICE   $300+$50 ShippingDSC_0151.thumb.JPG.5dc7267f1ad25bb493bd651dfcca890c.JPGhippingDSC_0150.thumb.JPG.98baecfbde7da8384781ff24e612fd76.JPGDSC_0148.thumb.JPG.2e381bf148ad4f33730dc6045419b44e.JPGDSC_0146.thumb.JPG.37f5dd684bf740517aff3506e7348d8c.JPGDSC_0149.thumb.JPG.2ac32b51ddbc9a03114d7a21f04e6f1a.JPGDSC_0144.thumb.JPG.9fd3ac96adc074ba6498c9cdfd852e1a.JPG

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