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  1. Got an armalite ar10T that’s a pure rockstar
  2. Tried to email twice and didn’t go through..congrats on the sale
  3. Hey KR lets make it happen pard
  4. This is a gorgeous Uberti 73 with a color case hardened frame and lever. Was 24” octagon barrel which has been cut down to 19.5”, all work dont by Johnny Meadows, new sights with big brass front, short stroke kit, action and trigger work, stock cover, lever wrap etc this is a very nice rifle and shoots just as well. Only reason for sale is I’m shooting B Western and need a Marlin. price - $1450 + $30 shipping to your FFL trades - will consider a JM stamped Marlin with short stroke kit in 357/38 ONLY Shot this gun yesterday at Cowtown and it worked flawless please feel free to contact anytime RC
  5. I have an original 73 in 38wcf barrel has been done by scheleen with a target crown.
  6. Hey y’all I’m looking for cool Colt stuff to decorate my shop with and also to collect lmk what’s available! thanks alot Rollan Cole
  7. I’m so sorry for the lack of info these are 357/38 i shoot 38spl through them
  8. Selling an amazing set of 357/38 pistols..Lassiter built these with full action jobs and short stroke kits. The stainless has been bead blasted in areas, OMV hammers, transfer bar delete, sights have been wrapped and the frames were hand filed for the best sight picture. Honestly guys, these pistols are real nice, I’m glad I bought them, but I’m going to stick with my 2nd gen Colts. these will come with the original boxes, paperwork and original hammers. may trade for a JM stamped short stroke Marlin Price - $1885 + shipping to your FFL
  9. Hey y’all, I have been real lucky looking for help and guns onnthis forum and hope you guys will be able to help me again. Im looking for a Marlin rifle in 38/357, preferably 20” octagon and either a short stroke kit installed, or the widdermatic. Im only interested in rifles with the JM stamp....I won’t even consider a non JM stamp rifle. Im looking for a nice competition rifle, not some corner gun you don’t want to look at or trip over anymore. please feel free to email or pm me with some info and pictures youre welcome to PM and get my phone number for text. Thanks a lot!! Rollan Cole
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