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  1. Hey guys, Looking to get a '97 with a shorter barrel (18 or so?) I'm new to the sport and don't want something that has to see a gunsmith as soon as I get it, so hopefully it works alright lol. Let me know what you got! Looking to spend 500-550 Thanks
  2. Yeah, I've been asking. One local that sells stuff.
  3. Thanks guys! I appreciate all the responses here! I love reading everyone's opinions and 2 cents. I will certainly look at the 97 winchester if it works well for a lefty. As far as ruger VS colt clone... We'll see. I just noticed most shooters in my area shoot 38 special and rugers. Couple shoot Blackhawks. Seemed most were in age group. Theres a evil Roy Ted blocker holster for sale here, but it's slightly out of my budget for the holster. Otherwise I would have gotten it. There is a gentleman named old slapout (sass shooter) that does holsters, bit more affordable so I might go that route. Absolutely not a cheap hobby. I'll be reloading to save cost. I think one reason this hobby isn't big as it could be is the cost. It's hard to get in as a new shooter. Luckily it's a friendly sport and people are willing to lend their stuff.
  4. Interesting. And I thought I'd be at a disadvantage being lefty. I certainly have a competitive side!
  5. You can see the ruger logo on the grip
  6. I'm interested. Tried sending you a pm but it says you're not accepting messages. Let me know when you get it working, I'll send you an offer
  7. I'm going to try my best to get one or two things at a time. Hopefully the friendly cowboys can lend me stuff as I acquire them. I think I need to get the leather first followed by the pistols and lastly my shotgun.
  8. Yup! sure did! Already saw few of you on here! I will be at the one in Markham park most likely. Falls on a day off for me. Hopefully I'll have a pistol or two, so I can maybe shoot with you guys!
  9. One of the faster guys shooting (very active in SASS) told me he likes his 4 5/8 but he wishes he had little more sight radius which would help him. Was mentally taking notes when he said that.
  10. I would have absolutely 0 complaints if she says "hey, let's get me a set too" She does have some wrist issues, so she'll probably be happy with 32 though.
  11. Hey guys, so I went to my first gun to see what this CAS is all about. Many friendly folk. I'll certainly be the youngest at age 35 followed by someone in late 30s? Most were shooting Rugers in the age group with 32 or 38s... Nobody in my posse that I followed shot anything larger than 38 (except one cowboy shooting ball and cap). I know I've been lurking here and asking around what caliber I should get, what gun I should get etc. They all recommended Rugers (either vaquero or blackhawk) and to stick with 38... I did see some guns and ammo malfunction compared to modern gun competitions. Some stages were so confusing, I have no idea how some of you guys follow them lol. There was one lady shooting a blackhawk (I had asked about shooting them in matches in previous posts) so that was nice to see. I didn't see anyone shooting italian made revolvers when I was looking. I can definitely see this getting to be an expensive hobby... Between ammo, guns, fixing what breaks and all the leather... phew One of the guys let me shoot his guns after the match was over and explained to me how to reload pistol etc. I was shooting way high with his vaquero, I will def need to learn how to aim them compared to modern guns, also I was using same hand to cock hammer, I was told to use support hand to cock revolver. the pump action is little different to load as a lefty. Might look into side by side style maybe. I had alot of fun, and plan on going to another one in March 7th. Maybe by then I'll have a holster and a pistol and hopefully someone can lend me guns to shoot lol. Looking forward to it. Once the hump of buying all the equipment is done, I think I can fund the hobby... Key will be to get the wife involved as well. lol Anyways, I had most of my questions answered at the match that I have been asking here. I've decided I will get 38 revolvers (either blackhawk or cimarron at 5.5 inches) and keep my 44-40 as my rifle gun (I might try to trade it out for a 38 rifle at a shop or trade locally). I'm not sure about the shotgun yet... Someone said they'll lend me their norinco side by side until I decide. oh, and we talked about my name... Someone suggested "Sheriff John Stone". I like it... we'll see though! lol
  12. I have 3 boxes of factory loads. Saving up the brass as I shoot it which I will reload ☺ and that's for my '73 winchester, but if someone let's me use their pistol I'll use it,or they can lend me 10 rounds lol
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