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  1. The problem with the internet is you can always find something to back up what you want to believe, just ask the flat earthers.
  2. The only thing that most forums prove is that ignorance is bliss. Tell the 1704 families (and rising exponentially) families of people who have died so far in the U.S. that this is blown out of proportion. Tell the people who have dealt with someone seriously ill that this is blown out of proportion. What about the permanent lung damage that many will suffer, they are blowing this out of proportion. Unfortunately you can blame any political figure for this, is all on ignorance and disbelief.
  3. I think what cat said is very harsh. As a former combat medic I know it never gets easy seeing someone shot up, torn to bits, or dying, no matter what the cause being a medical professional or not. That is obviously a statement made by someone who has never dealt with death or dying in large numbers. There is a helpless feeling that can soon lead into a numb feeling which then makes you question yourself even more. This isn’t hysteria, it’s a health care reality, you are just lucky enough to see it from a perspective far from the front lines. They did choose that profession and it is a profession many can’t do for a reason. Your statement is very ignorant and unappreciative of the hard work and effort they must put forth. Unfortunately many aren’t listening to the warnings and believe this is hysteria and blown out of proportion and the numbers will continue to rise. Instead of being an ass be appreciative there are people willing to devote themselves to caring for others despite the risks involved. They are still human with emotions and feelings, they do get tired and stressed, they deal with more daily than many will in their lives.
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