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  1. Sorry to hear about Gunther. A true craftsman.
  2. Phone’s disconnected too. Does anyone know if Off the Wall Fun Carts is still doing any business? Does anyone happen to have a Jack Rabbit gun cart for sale? Thanks again!
  3. Hello! Is Off the Wall Gun Carts in Greentown, IN still in business? I’d like to buy a gun cart, but emails are bouncing back. Thanks for your help. TR o
  4. Guys thanks. Does anyone have Three Cut’s contact info?
  5. Hello! Looking for any recommendations for a gunsmith in NC (or VA, TN, or SC) for complete action jobs for 78, 87, and 97 shotguns. Can anyone recommend a gunsmith with experience and list their contact info? Prefer someone tailored to SASS shooting certainly. Thanks!
  6. Gentlemen, thanks for all your help. You’re all a wealth of info.
  7. Sir, thanks for the correction. Is there another modern-made pocket pistol clone in .38 Spcl that you might recommend or have seen used?
  8. Hey guys. A new shooter and I’m also interested in the pocket pistol side matches. Is the Uberti 1873 Stallion (Cattleman) in .38 Spcl with a 3.5” barrel a legal pocket pistol? Think it meets the pre-1900, caliber, and barrel length requirements. Just wanted to make sure and ask the experts. I’m looking for a dependable, modern reproduction chambered in .38 Spcl, instead of a period correct .32 lemon squeezer variant. .32 RF is problematic. Anything else anyone might recommend? Thanks for the help.
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