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  1. I recently acquired a Black Diamond Trap made in 1908 with a matted barrel, I shot it last week at our local match and I really like it. Mine says Trap gun on the bolt as well as on the back side of the pump. Mine how ever has a cut stock with an aftermarket butt pad, and has been reblued at some point. Mine does have the standard small cracks on both sides of the stock. It shot great at the match and I may use it as my main shot gun. I also have a 26 inch norinco I had been using and I stopped using the 1938 one with the 32 inch barrel I first used when I discovered as a left I like 97s. I need to do the acetone treatment on mine as it looks to have soaked up a little oil as well over the past 100 years or so. Congrats on your find I think you'll really enjoy shooting it. Some people may rib you a bit about being able to poke the targets over with the barrel but it's all in good fun.
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