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  1. Very good point Warden, but from a company’s liability standpoint if someone changes the system The liability is on the gun owner. How many people disable to safety system in their Ruger‘s and according to Ryan at Taylor’s, Uberti didn’t want to have to go to the all safety system either. I think that that accidental discharge resulting in death in Mane back in 2010 sealed the deal for the RFP system. I read a lot of the deposition and it’s pretty damning. I imagine that the suits over at Barretta are behind making the change permanent.
  2. I talked to Ryan over at Taylor’s a couple of weeks ago and he said that when that new retractable firing pin system first came out there were some problems especially with short stroked guns but Uberti corrected the problem and the Taylor’s gunsmith prefers the old system but has successfully worked the actions jobs for reliable ignition and smoothness. Ryan said his pistols work fine and he has several Ubertis with old and new firing pin systems. It could be worse, Uberti could have gone to an all transfer bar system, if they had to go one way or the other I think this RFP system is way better.
  3. They’re definitely stepping up their game. Uberti needs to take a lesson on getting their actions right. Everyone of their guns should be well timed and reasonably smooth right out of the box. The fact that some of their higher end “tuned” guns have the problems thay do is inexcusable. Pietta probably doesn’t have near the financial backing Uberti does and are getting their actions mostly right (from what I’m hearing from many sources). I don’t necessarily think either company makes a better gun (retractable firing pin is a different issue) than the other, I just think they spend a bit more time on fitting the internal parts which is really important.
  4. Hey Johnny Rio, are those Evil Roy’s fitted with the retractable firing pin system and if so how are they working as far as ignition, action, etc?
  5. Alpo looks like “Tales from the Crypt .”
  6. Well, we’ll see what they will do, I’m sure Uberti’s been getting a lot of flack from people who have way more influence with them than I will ever have. Yeah I’ve heard those GWIIs are nice revolvers and I love my .45 tons of fun and I use my RI as a guide gun.
  7. It’s a really nice weapon, it points nice, mechanically it’s simple as a brick on the inside and your right, time will tell. I honestly see an aftermarket for this and all clones and it’s even possible Uberti will have enough pressure from their importers and customers like us that they’ll start producing the regular floating firing pin hammers again. I stand by my opinion when I said that the RFP system is a good one in the context of production and liability costs, balanced with keeping the traditional look, I just don’t understand why it’s forced. Uberti had a safety system (sort of) for the last 20+ years and offered both through Taylor’s and Cimarron. Pietta has the transfer bar system available and they’re not forcing that system. As someone wisely started in another post, “no one demanded this new system,“ at least from cowboy action shooters and history buffs; especially the higher end stuff they offer. I imagine most people that spend that kind of money on specific finishes and “look” know about loading five beans in the wheel. It’s a problem looking for a solution.
  8. I appreciate it Tyrel. I like my Stainless Runnin Iron. It’s custom tuned and smooth as silk and accurate. And I’m in no hurry for another one and my next one will hopefully be a Colt Eventually...
  9. Thanks Captain. the reason I’m asking I’m considering selling my Uberti and buying a Pietta since Uberti will no longer be selling the old hammers and if my Hammer ever needs to be replaced I’ll have to go to the new RFP (retractable firing pin) system Uberti is forcing on their importers. I bought a clone because I’m not in a position to spend $$$$$$$ on a Colt or even a Standard Manufacturing. If I wanted a safety I’dev gone the whole way and SETTLED on a Ruger. I bought the revolver a couple of years ago unaware that moving forward Uberti was discontinuing the old hammers and since my Uberti is a Taylor’s Runnin Iron it makes an OWM replacement part harder to find. UGH!!
  10. I was wondering, will Piettas accept Colt parts?
  11. I second what Warden said. Look at the trigger sear for wear and replace the trigger if need be. Also look at the hammer cam for wear as well the hammer may need to be replaced too. I would also just replace the bolt trigger spring too while the guns apart. I think VTI still sells the old hammers and triggers, act fast they’re goin quick.
  12. I’ve heard good things about their stuff. This is probably an obvious question, but do they tune Ubertis with the new firing pin system and how are the results? The main reason I ask is I have a buddy that bought a Cimmaron Dock Holiday in stainless steel that has that retractable firing pin system and the weapon definitely needs smoothing. Really neat gun though.
  13. Yes the transfer safety bar is a similar system to Rugers. I agree to get past the import regulations that two notch safety pin worked just fine. The hammer block safety was the old system, it gave you the “four clicks but did have reliability issues. I thought when Uberti rolled the new system out (retractable firing pin, replacing the hammer block safety below the firing pin) it was only going to be on Stoegers and certain importers but would leave companies like Cimarron and Taylor’s alone. I mean they were making the old hammers (w/o safeties) any way. Why the forced change? They’re “marking me and everyone else safer.” Drives me nuts!
  14. The most popular system seems to be the transfer safety bar. If or when Pietta has to make the safety change it appears that that is the system they will most likely use because they’ve already using it through their Cabella’s, Traditions and Heritage Arms importers while Ubertis system addresses the neutered look of the hammers on transfer bar system. At least with the retractable firing pin SAAs would look more authentic.
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