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  1. All gone/ Sold.... (outta the knife business/ hobby)
  2. “Merry Christmas” SASS FAMILY
  3. Everything you need to start your own knife making shop or business. Equipment is valued at approximately $9000- $10k. Selling for $8000 cash or cash plus trade items. Willing to trade for mountain property, nice diesel truck, 5th wheel or bumper pull RV. Looking to sell as a package deal, but may separate. I’m located in Colorado Springs, Colorado. *Evenheat kiln with external pyrometer md# GT17, 220V*Smithy Mill/ Lathe with tons of extras md# 1220XL LTD, 110V*JET spindle sander md# JBOS-5*JET 10 inch buffer md# JSB10L (yes the 1725 rpm model)*Craftsman variable speed scroll saw*Central Mach. 6 inch buffer*Rikon Stand up band saw*Reeder Products Inc. 2x72 belt sander with fold down option, small wheel set with arm, large contact wheel arm, platen and tool rest. 2HP KBAC variable speed controller, currently 220V but can be wired for 110V.*Arm & Hammer 192# anvil (one edge wear, but flat and rings. Believe it was made in 1928-29’ish,*Elenco 165 AC/DC power supply*Etch-O-Matic stencil maker*Home made propane tank forge. Yes has worked great for my needs. *spare belts and odd’s & end’s for knife making. PM me if interested.
  4. Well I’m in the process of picking up a Stoeger from LongHunter. Thanks all for the feedback
  5. Looking for a worked (smith’d or slicked) double barrel shotgun. Hammerless preferred, (but may be open to hammered) 12ga only. Yes I have a FFL available for the transfer and shipping will be to 80823. Sub $1k range. Let me know what may be available. PM me as to verify your SASS number
  6. Thanks all I really appreciate this & I know it seems to be a reoccurring topic & sorry for beating this horse. Availability will probably be a huge factor (these days). As recommended I’ll be posting a WTB ad
  7. Appreciate the feedback... I’ve been eye’n the LongHunter options. Doubles seem to be a hard thing to find around my area right now & LongHunter so I’ve hit Gunbroker listings. WTB ad here may be the ticket
  8. All... going to try once again. I had posted prior for some guidance being new to the game, and was considering a hammered double for potential CC in the future. I have decided to ditch the CC Category for now. I want to go with a hammerless double. Would like to be under the $1k range, double trigger and I’m not opposed to used. Just looking for input on a gun that is going to be reliable. I’ve used the “search” and have read every article out there (maybe not every, but a lot!!!!) seems like everyone has an opinion that contradict’s the other. (I have shot a couple borrowed Stoeger’s at my local matches). Appreciate any guidance you can give.
  9. I’d be interested in seeing what’s available too... I’m “fun sized” and looking for a rig as well (not to high Jack)
  10. Lol... I did read that topic about backup’s (and backups for your backups! LOL). Really appreciate all the feedback. Thanks all!!!! Looking forward to more than just scorekeeper duties (but hey at least I’m involved & helping out, plus learning a ton). Local club meets next Sunday (1st Sunday of the month) and can’t wait. I look forward to each meet. seriously... “Thank You all” for the feedback.
  11. Thanks everyone for the input/ feedback. how’s about them shotty recommendations? I’ve shot a stoeger coach, just thinking the hammered would open the door later for CC if I decide. I’m not dead set on it, just want a decent (Not top) quality That will last and perform. Everyone has probably heard this A hundred times, but I’ve been eyeing the Longhunter units. Hammered or not? I’m a cry once kind of guy and would like to be at $1k or less.
  12. Thanks for the feedback... never thought about construction belt as a shooting rig. Weird cause I use a full construction setup for metal/ relic detecting.
  13. Long time lurker, first time poster (in the forum as a “topic”). Yes I don’t have a SASS number cause I’ve wanted to collect my irons prior to officially joining, but I’m close, super close and getting fired up. I’ve picked up a Winchester 73, pair of SASS vaq’s (both in 45C). Still need to get some leather, and yes I keep an eye out in the classifieds, but I’m a wholesome fella (big boned.... ok, ok I’m fat!!!) and belts in the 49” range seem to be rare in the used section or snapped up quickly. I attend my local club matches and keep score just to be involved. Yes they urge me to shoot, which I typically shoot a stage at the end of the match. Anywho.... my questions: as a newb I plan to shoot in age based category (Wrangler). 1) What scatter gun to select!?!?! Was thinking hammered double just cause it opens CC if I ever felt inclined at a latter date. What brand & what to look for!?!?! 2) in the age based groups “dud’s” (cloths) Have no regulations except outlawed items, no lug boots and period correct lid (hat) correct? So if I wanted to wear mountain man Rendezvous get’up I could. Just looking for some guidance here. I’ve read the rule book “a lot!!!” But still scratch’n my head at times. Sorry for the long post.
  14. Wish I was closer... trying to gather some gear to get into the game
  15. Mongo- I’m not a leather-smith, but wanted to say hey. I’m in Colorado Springs as well. Not yet a member, long time lurker though. Still trying to collect my iron’s (not easy in today’s market)
  16. For what it’s worth, & not trying to hijack, I just picked up a Miroku ‘73 that I eyed on the wall of my local dealer for a couple years. Anywho, brought it home and cleaned and cycled action quitE a bit. The spring on the lever/ trigger safety seemed to “slip off,” cause that linkage vanished (I could barely see it in the stock. I removed the stock and Was able to finagle the spring back over the linkage bar. Just my $.02. As a newb trying to collect my guns it was a lot of dough spent to have an issue Like that, right off the bat & yet to be fired.
  17. Beautiful guns... would love to have them & trying to source my guns as a new shooter (just bought a ‘73), just outta my price range a bit
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