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  1. Thank you so much! Hope to see you at one of the matches. I will definitely be at them in three weeks! I am saving up now for a pair of Vaqueros and then the others. Its going to be a long while till I can participate but I will come clean up brass for sure!
  2. Hello Everybody my name is Ryan and pardon me for being brand new... I have wanted to get into SASS shooting for a while and I have nothing to start with. I would really like to not get the wrong thing since I have a limited budget. I am sure this topic is controversial and been asked a ton but I can't find a good answer. First... 45 or 357? I am looking at getting a matching pair of Vaqueros to start out with and then a lever action after and would prefer them to have the same ammo caliber to cut on costs? Opinions? Recoil isn't as much as a worry as cost of ammo and at some point I would like to reload one day and keep it all the same. Second... I live in Amador County CA and I see there are some clubs near but its iffy if they are SASS clubs or not? I have messaged them and would like to join and help out till I can shoot. Any recommendations? Events in the Northern CA area coming up? Anyways I appreciate any input. Thanks Ryan
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