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  1. That's interesting...Promo and Red Dot are marketed as a shotgun powders, and secondary use is "handgun." Have to keep them in mind. Where do you get your 130gr. bullets, and do you buy coated bullets, or straight lead alloy? Do you know the brinnel hardness?
  2. I inquired today with Ruger concerning their throat dimensions for the 45 Colt New Vaquero, thinking the same thing might happen to me were I to select the .452 bullet. But, I didn't want to reveal too much to them because all manufacturers seem to dislike reloading ammo for their firearms with respect to honoring their warranties. I have yet to hear back from Ruger, they have up to three days to reply. But, when I do hear back, I'll post it here. Of course, no matter what their reply is, I plan on taking the actual dimensions myself before actually moving forward with ordering bullets, and loading the C45S casings.
  3. In checking with my buillet suppliers, some offer the .160gr. coated bullet in RNFP, but one seems to recommend a 180gr., and even 200gr. and up, coated bullet in RNFP for Cowboy Action Shooting. There seems to be a lot of guys successfully using the .160gr. bullets in the C45S casing with Trail Boss...but, what I seem to be hearing also is that the heavier bullets, from the stand point of physics, are better on paper for reducing recoil, safety, accuracy, less leading, etc...Am I getting that right?
  4. I enjoy watching that guy a lot on You Tube, he seems pretty sharp.
  5. I read somewhere that when shooting .45 Specials in a revolver chambered in .45 Colt, that there is an issue with respect to headspace, since the 45 Special is a shorter cartridge than the .45 Colt Casing, and that this discrepency with respect to casing length/headspace does effect accuracy pretty substaintially. Anybody have any knowledge or experience that confirms this?
  6. Has anybody experimented with 38 long Colt or 38 Short Colt Brass? I don't know, haven't checked out the muzzle velocities, but perhaps the knock down pressure starts to reduce to the extent that the targets don't fall down or dimple sufficiently at the muzzle velocity created by 38 Long Colt or 38 Short Colt. Starline has them both, and their information reveals that both can be chambered in most .357/.38spl revolvers.
  7. Yes, definitely a wise decisioin on limiting lead exposure. It is one of the reasons I've been relunctant to get involved in casting my own bullets. Seems that heating up lead without proper ventilation is just asking for it, and I don't have anywhere that I feel comfortable enough about that to get into it. With regard to my question about brinnel hardness, do you remember if your bullets were 18 Brinnel? I know Missouri Bullet has bullets in both 18 Brinnel and 12 Brinnel. Missouri Bullet once recommended 18 Brinnell Coated to me, but I notice they also have some 12 Brinnel hardness, coated, and was wondering if the softer bullet would be preferable.
  8. Yep, intending to use the .45CS brass, definitely...
  9. Were your Missouri Bullets in the 18 Brinnel hardness? Have you ever tried their extreme coating? Missouri Bullet also has some 12-Brinnel bullets that have their extreme coating. Not sure the extreme coating would be preferable to uncoated lead alloy or not. I'm also wondering if the 12-Brinnel (softer bullet) might be even a better hardness because it is even softer yet.
  10. Good to know...Are you using regular .45 Colt casings?
  11. Yeah, I noticed as an FFL, and hoping to be able to get 45spl brass much cheaper than retail, I discovered that .45spl brass isn't available through my normal distribution channels, and I can see where the cost to reload 45spl casings might push my cost up higher than going with 38spl, which is really common, and cheaper to begin with. Good points, appreciate it!
  12. Thanks, very good information and advice concerning the cylinder throat dimensions...
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