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  1. You're welcome, Marshall. Pat, I contacted a moderator to ask if I can change my alias to Skatter Gunn per you're suggestion. Just waiting to hear back. Tyrel, I did have a few drinks in the Saloon & told Bottles to charge them to my Dad, so I think they went on Pat's tab. Cheers, duk
  2. Morning Marshal, Can't say that I rightly know but, if I understood Henry correctly, the original order called for a nickel finish. Although not specifically discussed, I imagine that the order also included a request that the alias "Skatter" be engraved at the same time. As he told me, when he received the finished product the pistols were blued, not nickel and again I'm speculating here but Colt did engrave them as per the original ordered. That make sense? Thank you, duk
  3. Hi Crooked River Pete, Great suggestion. I'll look into it. Thank you, duk
  4. Hi OLG, I'm not goin' anywhere. I'll be lurking around here. Have a good evening. Thanks, duk
  5. You're welcome. It was fun doing a bit of detective work and thanks to all of you for your help. duk
  6. Here's the story, gents. This pistol did belong to Henry Fish with whom I just had a good phone conversation, nice guy. He told me that he purchased a few of these Colts thru an ad that SASS published in their newspaper a few years back. These were supposed to have a nickel finish but came without. Henry sent them back to Colt Custom Shop and had them finished in nickel. Got 'em back, shot them and the nickel flaked off, so back to Colt they went with instructions to remove the nickel. Long story short Henry worked out some other deal with Colt and Colt kept the revolvers, so there maybe another .38-40 "Skatter" floating around out there. Henry told me to enjoy the gun and to go shoot the heck out of it which I now plan to do! End of story. I like a happy ending! Thanks to all of you for your help & interest! duk
  7. Morning, I did do a google search and now have Henry's phone number, so I'll give him a call later today. Thank you for your help. duk
  8. FYI. I did contact SASS this morning, just waiting on their reply. Thanks, duk
  9. Thank you. Members here have been very helpful and I do appreciate their efforts. Hope to find out more tomorrow. Thank you, duk
  10. Hi Father Kit, This is great, thank you! Don't know if this is the "Skatter" I'm looking for or not but it certainly is a very good place to start. I'll let you know what I find out. Thanks again.
  11. Thank you Pat & OLG. At least I tried. I've had the pistol for a year or so and it still remains new in the box, never fired. Guess it's time I give it a try. I do have a couple of USFA Rodeos in the same caliber (.38-40) that I do shoot. They too are great revolvers and very accurate. Thanks for all your help/input! duk
  12. Thank you very much Pale Wolf Brunelle! That's very interesting, I hope if he's still active here that he comes across this post. Thanks, duk
  13. Morning OLG, J-Bar, and Pat Riot, Thanks much gents for taking the time to respond and the advice. I appreciate it! I thought it was worth a try to see if I could track down "Skatter" but knew that it was a bit of a long shot. J-Bar, that's a great idea, I'll see if I can change my alias to Skatter. Again, I thank you and enjoy the weekend! Dukhunter (Skatter?)
  14. Hi Fellow Shootists, I am a new member and this is my first post. I'm trying to identify a fellow six gun enthusiast who appears to have gone by the moniker of "Skatter". The reason I'm looking into it is that I own a Colt Custom Shop .38-40 that this fellow had sent to the CCS for an action tune up for single action shooting. The grip strap is engraved with the name "Skatter". Apparently the revolver was sent to the custom shop for work but never re-claimed by the owner. A a gun dealer friend of mine purchased it and he in turn sold it to me. Anyhow is there anyone here who recognizes this name? Photo attached. Thank you, duk
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