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  1. Thanks all. Unfortunately, finding a “cowboy style” lever rifle around Charlotte requires a lot of looking in gun stores and pawn shops since there doesn’t appear to be a good shop with several examples. Also, since my local range no longer has cowboy shoots, I am not sure how soon I’ll be able to get trigger time on one. Yesterday I found a wildly overpriced Marlin 94 (but it’s stamped J.M.!) in a pawn shop. Didn’t care for how clunky that was. There is only ONE shop that I could locate on Taylor’s website who has new rifles in stock and they are an hour away. We’ll see what happens. if anyone is in the Charlotte area....do you know of a good place to find rifles?
  2. Not sure about everyone else, but I understand they are just an importer. thanks to all for the help.
  3. Thanks all. This weekend so got serious about my search. I wasn’t able to shoot one (yet) but I did get to work the actions on a few. The Cimarron 1873 deluxe in 45 felt great and operated beautifully, but Cabela’s wanted $60 less than new price for a well used rifle. The Rossi 92 (newer Braztech model) felt clunky by comparison. Cabela’s also had a 1900 production 1892 in stock....that was nice, but again (Cabela’s) too high. I need to look at a Henry and there is a guy selling a used Uberti but he isn’t responding and is 3.5hrs away.
  4. I have been shooting all my life, but I’ve never had a lever action rifle. A couple years ago I finally bought a Uberti Cattleman just for fun and I love the “smoothness” and accuracy. I decided to try my hand at some cowboy shooting. My home range is setup for this. I MAY eventually take part in a event, but I will almost certainly not be a “real competitor”. I have started looking for a rifle in 45 colt. I plan on shooting only cowboy style loads. Which rifle would be best? I love the Uberti/Taylor’s/Cimarron 1873’s, but they are kinda pricey for a toy. I have seen Rossi 92’s sell cheap, but sometimes they get up in the $500+ range and then maybe I should look at the Winchester itself? Thanks in advance.
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