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  1. Thank you for your business and the great review. I’m thrilled that you are enjoying it!!!! Happy shootin! -Idaho Bob
  2. Thank you Sir! I just sent an email with an update. Unfortunately the stage coaches are pretty slow with delivering supplies right now. -Idaho Bob, North Idaho Leather
  3. Chili, send me a pm when ya get the chance. I have several card wallets listed so I’d like to know which one you’re looking at so I can better answer your question. Thanks Pard! -Idaho Bob
  4. I will have some double pistol cases coming out shortly that will be a more economical option over purchasing 2 single cases.
  5. Now available with Solid Basketweave tooling or Basketweave with Floral Carving. Lined with Caramel Bark tanned Shearling. Oil finish with antique. These are made to order! Customizations are available if you want to add your Alias. (I will be offering matching square double pistol cases here as soon as I can get to it). https://northidaholeather.com/products/hand-tooled-pistol-case
  6. Thank you! Doesn’t help my pride any, but sure helps me know what I got . Thank you!!! -Idaho Bob
  7. Yes Sir! All serialized parts have matching numbers. It’s got a couple issues that need to be worked over by a good smith. Locking lug for the bolt isn’t functioning and shells won’t feed from the tube. I’m just trying to figure out where to draw the line as to how much I want to spend to get her back in working order. It’s in excellent condition otherwise -Idaho Bob
  8. Can anybody tell me what the approximate value is if this 97? I picked it up from a friend last summer for WB but I’m thinking she’s too purdy to subject it to that abuse. before I got it, somebody had installed a poly choke, so I had the smith cut the barrel down and install a bead on front. Barrel now measures 21.5” to the bolt face *edited. It is a takedown model. Born 1953 Modified Barrel
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