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  1. There seems to be a need to address some confusion about the function of the lever lock. Some have stated that the lever lock, once in position (i.e. rifle cocked) that the only way to "unlock" the action is to pull the trigger letting the hammer fall under full power to forward most position. The hammer can be let down with thumb to forward most position or to the half cock position unlocking the action. An article written in the January 19 shooting times about the lever gun references a course at "Gunsite" taught by Lew Gosnell (the winner of the first EOT) addresses this aspect of lever gun handling and more. There are other firearms used at SASS events that operate in much the same manner. Different brands of slide action Lightning rifles lock the bolt into position until hammer is down. The 1890 Winchester design rifle (used by Buckaroos and 22 side matches) locks the action closed until firing pin is moved forward unlocking the action, usually by the hammer. And how about the gun that SASS was named after, the Colt single action army revolver,. Unlike a 66/73 rifle with a lever lock, the Colt SAA (and clones) will not unlock the cylinder by returning hammer to half cock. The hammer must be fully forward so the leg on the bolt slips over the cam on hammer, then hammer must be brought back to half cock. Most cap and ball revolvers also work this way. How many times have you seen competitors manipulate these pistols to get their five shots off. One of the aspects of the lever lock is that it will reduce the event of an OBD in 66 rifles and 73 rifles where the trigger safety has been defeated or not operating correctly. The lever lock will keep the rifle in battery until hammer reaches forward most position. Many OBD's occur when the cartridge is partially extracted from chamber when trigger is pulled. (i.e. late on the trigger) This scenario simply cannot happen with the lever lock installed and adjusted properly. Note that a lever lock will not stop an OBD when a cartridge is entering chamber when there is an obstruction. The cartridge can be set off by the inertia of firing pin. There are great videos of this by some very knowledgeable SASS members. There are some that have questioned the legality of the lever lock. The lever lock is entirely internal. The need for SASS approval (according to the SASS rule book) may not have been needed, however, we elected to seek SASS approval to eliminate any doubt. The lever lock system was submitted to SASS in early 2017. It was approved by SASS in 2017. If you need further clarification of this , you will need to go through SASS channels. We will not get more specific than this on a public forum.
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