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  1. I put 'em in a wood loading block and spray with One Shot. But that's for Rifle brass. I have Carbide dies for pistol so I don't use One Shot for them.
  2. I'm glad to see that all prayers are working. I know what your son went through. I had Covid last month. Had a fever between 101 to just under 103. A trip to ER, 3 days in the hospital had pneumonia. Was also on oxygen. At 69 it took a few years off my life it seems. Hope your son has a complete recovery.
  3. Local Cabela's is getting a lot of ammo in. .223 by the pallets more 55 grain than 62 grain but still has a good supply of 62 grain. A lot of 9 mm 115 gr. ball, .45 acp .38 spec. Very little shotgun ammo.
  4. Want to say thanks to everyone for the replies, got a motel with the EOT discount and in Happy Valley. And now checking out Tombstone. Hey Turkey Legs, I'm working on that Spotted Cow for ya.
  5. Thanks for letting me know. Wow what a way to get Married, and nice injun' gear.
  6. Howdy, I'm shooting my first EOT and Warmup in Tombstone. Need some advice with some decent motels in both cities. Although I did make a reservation in Phoenix which I can cancel, I'm amazed at the negative reviews with every motel I looked at having filthy rooms, drugs, bums hanging outside. I realize that some reviews could be on purpose. Haven't been there since the 90's when I drove truck. I have been looking at motels in Tombstone but not sure which one is better. Would like some past experience input instead of reading reviews. Thanks, Lowdown Larry
  7. Just wanted to add that Hickok45 shot Cowboy years ago. He does bring it up once in a while during his videos. He has worldwide viewership. Maybe someone with the knowledge to do so, they could reach out to him, Also he is friends with Tucker Carlson and Tucker is very 2A.
  8. You can go to Palo Verde Gunworks website, there are videos showing him clearing jams with his '73 unjammer tool.
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