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  1. Would like to say thanks to everyone for your answers. Took a blood test to see where my lead level is. Then I'll make a decision on what path to take.
  2. I'm not sure if this has been asked before. I've been dry tumbling brass with corn cob for 30 years, thinking about changing to wet tumbling or ultrasonic cleaning, would like to know what you guys are using and pros or cons of each. And how good are the results. Thanks, Lowdown Larry #108564
  3. I'm not certain how it happened, was shooting the rifle stage and it locked up smoke came out of the receiver, I have to blame a high primer but more worried on how I missed it. I use two methods of checking and one got through somehow.
  4. Unfortunately I had the same thing happen last year, I had the aluminum tube in mine, that saved the rifle, only thing that happened was the tube had a bulge in it.
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