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  1. Wish i was ready to shoot tomorrow. Im also looking to get to my first match. It’d be fun to shoot with another newer shooter my son usually shoots in the youth program at WAC a few bays down so i get to see all of the cowboys, just never made it to a match yet.
  2. Great deal for someone local. Wish i was closer. GLWS
  3. Is Altamont good for imitation ivory and stag.
  4. How does the wagon work? I had seen several say the smaller wheels arent ideal and that for rough terrain, the larger 3 wheel strollers would be preferred
  5. let me clarify SASS - muzzle up sporting clays, 2-gun, 3-gun - muzzle down I'm trying to find out if its possible to have 1 cart to use in all different shooting sports
  6. I was originally going to build a wooden cart, but doing some more reading, I think I'd like to go for something based on a jogging stroller. Two things: 1. can anyone who's built one that carries a SXS shotgun show how you have it mounted? 2. Can the mounts be reversed so that the muzzle points down? I might eventually like to shoot "tactical" multigun and they carry guns muzzle down, so ideally I'd like 1 cart to be used with both.
  7. I use the Frankford Arsenal tumbler. Comes with the SS media which is a nice plus. I picked it up from Amazon for $120 and I’m happy, although since ive only been loading for a few years, its all ive known. I know the HF double drum rock tumblers are popular if you want to keep it cheaper. i had not come across car wash and wax, though. Will look into that.
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