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  1. I bought one of these these with the intention to brace it up in back but it was so solid that i didn't need to. i have 2 presses mounted thru the dog holes and it works well for me. I did lose the ability to open the top drawer on one side as my Lee turret comes down in front of it, but thats about it.
  2. Is this the right Longhunter? http://www.longhunt.com/web/index.php?page=about
  3. Does anyone have another non-Facebook contact for Jack's Leather in the Tampa area? I've msg'd both Jack personally and the Business page and haven't heard back. I'd like to inquire about pricing and think it'c cool that he's local. Maybe he's out of the business? thanks!
  4. St. Pete member here, too. Thanks for the recommendation for Dave Smith. I have some stuff I'd like to get worked on, too.
  5. What about no loops on the belt and all of the loops (38, 45 and shotgun) on a bandolier?
  6. So are most people just getting the loops for looks?
  7. Hi, my pistols are 38 and the rifle I'm planning to get is 45 colt. If the holster belt had 38 loops, i guess it would make sense to get 45 loops on the shotgun belt or bandolier (leaning towards the latter). I think so but just wanted to check here, first.
  8. Thanks for the tip on Jacks Leather. I like the dual color and he seems to even be local to me (813 area code)
  9. love these....I'm guessing they really aren't shooters are they?
  10. that's a pretty nice deal there. Definitely book marking all of the companies mentioned here but free shipping def gets my attention. A couple of 500 ct boxes and there ya go
  11. thanks everyone. Will definitely look for something local but nice to have some links to good companies online, too
  12. hi all, going to start loading 38 special and 45 colt and would like to use coated bullets. What are everyone's favorite suppliers? I know Missouri Bullet is always a favorite. Anyone else I should check out while shopping around?
  13. that's a good idea, especially before plunking down $300+ on a set you find doesn't work as well as you think. In the Tampa area and plan to shoot at Wyoming Antelope Club in Clearwater. I'll see about contacting someone from the group and see what anyone might have.
  14. Just getting started and having a hard time deciding on a holster setup, so I thought id check here, too. waist is 36 and i think I’d prefer dual strong side. Need something to fit the 4.62” vaqueros. would prefer something of quality and not some cheap set from Mexico or China (no offense). I think i also like the cartridge loops 38/357. just curious whats put there before deciding on something new. thanks!
  15. How's your break action? Pretty stiff, too? I sent an email to Jason yesterday to see what he can do with the action and springs.
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