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  1. Seems to be the common idea here is to take it down to the frame and them build back up. Seems the existing material is getting on the way of these sitting upright?
  2. Has anyone taking a jogging stroller and converted it to a cart that keeps rifles and sxs shotguns in the muzzle up position? If so, could you share pics or firearm attachments hardware details? Ideally, I'd like something that can store firearms both muzzle up and muzzle down, depending on the sport of choice that day, but the muzzle up variation seems to be more difficult to do.
  3. hey SRS, yeah, a professionally slicked up gun would be great. I have everything I need to start now (24" maple 1873, SASS Vaquero pair and CZ hammer double) but always looking for new toys. I had my eye on the shorter Taylors 1873 in the white finish with pistol grip, so I was just checking if this was that. Just need to get some ammo loaded up and get out to the WAC for their match.
  4. Any chance the 1873 is in the "white" finish? Where in FL?
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