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  1. What is the datecode on the bottom of the frame near the barrel lug? I am assuming it is $400 shipped? Regards, Jim
  2. 1851 Navy .44 with part round/part octagon barrel. A .44 Griswold & Gunnison. A decent price during these pandemic scarcity days. Not affiliated with the seller. https://www.gunbroker.com/item/882722031 Regards, Jim
  3. Thanks so much. I am in no hurry. If it is what I am looking for I have a good trade in mind. Regards, Jim
  4. Do you have any photos showing ASP markings and SN? Are there markings on the underside/inside of the stock yoke? One does not come across ASP guns much these days. It looks to be in nice condition, and that blondish wood is very 1977. I have a cased ASM 1860 Army and this would be a nice substitute at times in the case, especially for photos. Thanks in advance! Jim
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