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  1. Thanks for the time everyone spent on this. For me the issue was close at “explosive”. We’ve all done stupid stuff. I’m just trying to prevent the burnt hair and trips to the ER. To a teenager dads are the dumbest people on earth so I was coming here for some other opinions about the issue. HOWEVER, Wikipedia is not a source for information. Mass opinion doesn’t make it true or right. Even public schools can’t use Wikipedia as a source for information.
  2. Low grade, High grade doesn't matter to me. It's an explosive. For me the issue is dead. Thank you everyone for your time and attention. Hopefully I'll get the chance to meet some of you in the future.
  3. Thanks LostVaquero. Teenage boys know more than their fathers ever will and with information like you provided I can add it to the list and show him a list of experienced people that say it's a BAD idea.
  4. Thank you to everyone for the information. I'm going to go with "just because it's legal doesn't make it safe". Sedalia, I would disagree about your estimates for reloading only being 1.5. There's still a lot that can go wrong which is why our insurance company asked about it when we were getting our homeowners policy. I do like the approach of calling it an explosive, that'll be my search and ultimately putting a stop to the idea. We live near Winchester in Alton, IL and over the years have heard stories about the dangers but as you know we only have so many years to train and teach our children. I want to stress to him and to anyone else researching this topic that it may be legal but here are a 1000 reasons it's a really bad idea. I don't want anyone to be afraid of firearms or gunpowder but I want to make sure they are given the respect and safety they deserve I'm looking for enough information to make sure that when my son is living on his own he doesn't decide to give it a try because he's older and wiser.
  5. I'm trying to escape right now but the hard part is talking my wife into moving. If they pass the 40 cent per gallon gas tax and the ammunition tax, I think she'll finally be convinced.
  6. Goody, I believe a novice should avoid it at all cost. Rainmaker, Pizza, Italian Beef and Cubs?? You're coming across like one of those people that think anything south of I-80 is "Southern Illinois". There's plenty more to this state. Outside of Cook County it's a pretty decent state. There's Coal, Corn, high taxes, strict firearm laws, and FOID cards. There's even talk of expanding the Cook County tax on ammunition (five cents per round for center-fire ammunition) to the rest of the state. We even need a FOID to buy a BB gun that fires over 700 FPS and some retailers require a FOID for pellets if you are using them in an air rifle that fires over 700 FPS Cody, I don't think it's the "need" it's the desire to do things as historically accurate as possible and a thirst for knowledge. We went to the shoot a few months ago and just came back from Gettysburg which sparked an even deeper interest in the whole thing. In fact he tracked down a copy of the US Army Ordinance Manual from 1861 and wants to build a modern version of a Civil War Caisson to take to the SASS events and wants to join a Civil War Reenactment group. Happy Jack, Thank you for the information. I'll see if he can track them down. I know it's unsafe at a whole different level but so is reloading and millions of rounds are reloaded every day. Specifically I was just looking for an Illinois or Federal statute that says no. Every agency I've searched leaves it out. Grasping at straws, I've tried the Illinois State Police, Illinois state regulations, ATF, the EPA and even the Department of Natural Resources. I've found everything you can and cannot do with a black powder firearm but limited information about the powder its self.
  7. I agree fully, I'm kinda attached to my fingers and they're attached to me. But until I can show him in black and white, I'll never hear the end of it. I think he's going to be a lawyer when he grows up.
  8. My son is wanting to get into SASS and likes the "authentic" ways of doing things. We attended a local shoot and there was a gentleman using black powder which my son thought was AMAZING. That lead to a discussion about becoming active which lead to a discussion at work which lead us down the rabbit hole to this question. Is it legal to produce and use your own black powder for SASS and CAS events? We live in the Communist State of Illinois so I'm sure the answer is ABSOLUTELY NO. I've looked online and can't find any information this particular issue. I can find information about quantities, storage and the necessity of a FOID but nothing about making your own black powder for your own use. Can someone please help me with the answer so I can get him to calm down and we can just go buy a can?
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