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  1. Thank you.. I'll check it out.. I was wanting one already slicked bit I'll give it a look.
  2. Is this 73 still available? Interested
  3. Is this 73 still available?
  4. Is this Rifle still available?
  5. I believe I am shooting a side by side stoeger right now on the shotgun and what's your asking rice for the 73?
  6. I have only tried the side by side.. havent tried pump yet..
  7. All I have shot was a side by side .. havent tried a pump yet.
  8. I believe I am shooting a side by side stoeger right now on the shotgun and what's your asking rice for the 73? My email address is emsamora@aol.com
  9. People have been amazing.. I have tried a few rifles and pistols.. I bought my first pair of pistals already and love them.. and I am liking for a 73.. I am liking the feel but wanting a shorter barrel then I am currently shoot.. I also tried the marlin and it wasnt a bad feel either but think I am set on the 73.
  10. Thank you.. I have competed in a few matches and have been sharing with a friend and I need to start getting my own here and there. You can say I am addicted and I love it!
  11. Gun cart 73 rifle in a .357 caliber Shot gun Period correct outfits
  12. Eileen

    New and looking

    Thank you very much..I am loving the game .. just trying to get all the equipment I need ..
  13. Eileen

    New and looking

    I have been using a 73.. my friend has been kind enough to share with me till I get my own.. And I did try a Marlin but think I want to go with the 73.. I hope to be at a competative level some day. I was able to buy me 2 cimarrons . 38 revolvers and a rig and shotgun belt was handed down to me so I have been blessed to have the help I have had.. I still have a lot to get as for my shotgun, rifle and gun cart.. I didnt realize how costly this sport can be..lol but I am loving it and plan on perusing Cowboy Action further. And thank you for the welcome as well.
  14. Eileen

    New and looking

    Lol.. That's to funny. And thank you for the welcome.
  15. Eileen

    New and looking

    I am new to Cowboy action shooting and am looking for a 73 model in a .357 caliber can anyone direct me into the right direction.
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