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  1. I will take you up on the Hornady Bullets... all 175. I will pm you with info in about an hour Thanks.
  2. There is a great deal of good advice in this thread. I thought I would chime in as a newbie on a limited budget. I shoot .45 colt and bought 2 older Rossi '92's for $400 each (one for my son) and the slick-up kits from Steve's Gunz. I think it will be years before I NEED a different rifle, unless it is driven by category requirements. I agree Deuce has a good deal there. it is new AND tuned... Good to Go
  3. I did mean $300 for the belt the holsters go on( with holsters). I Hope you did not think I was trying to lowball you for the whole setup. I have a good setup for shotgun, My current holsters for the pistols are really lame, they would get attached to a gun cart. If paypal works for you, I think I can fund that from a credit card. I am a newbee here, can you tell ?
  4. I would buy the holsters and belt for $300, if you would wait until payday 2/27 or take credit card.
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