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  1. @The Original Lumpy Gritz I've been hunting for about 10 years. And I'm an avid recreational shooter. But just for fun and mostly modern rifles and auto-loaders. I do not re-load, but it is something I have looked into. Not to any extent however.
  2. I'm excited to get started. So thank you for being welcoming and willing to give friendly advice. Like I said, I am partial to the Henry and I can't really explain why. Love the feel, the history, even though I understand that it's been a bit jumbled more recently. However as long as its legal... I guess my next question is what is everyone's thoughts on cimarron?? I should have added, I only have about a $2k budget for the firearms. Maybe a little less. So that has to get me a rifle, 2 revolvers, and a coach gun. So I've been looking at cimarron revolvers and the stoeger coach. What is everyone's thoughts on those.
  3. Well I have to ask, what was causing his rifle to jam???? My Henry's have never jammed. Granted, I clean them thoroughly after every use. So it's possible he just had a dirty rifle, or he was using bad ammo, or was he not fully using the action. I guess my main question is, if I get a Henry BB or YB in 357 can I use it? Or is there rules against it? Would I be at a severe disadvantage having a 10 round tube loader???? Also, I'm just trying to have fun. Not necessarily go on the professional circuit. Also, Marlin isn't making the lever guns in 357 anymore from what I've been told. So it would be a little hard to get my hands on one of those.
  4. 30-30 and 22. I was looking at getting another in 357 or 45lc
  5. Hello everyone, I'm new to the sport of CAS. Like brand new need to buy everything new. Now although I think i understand the requirements of firearms I have a question about the use of the Henry. Now from everything I've seen on YouTube and on TV I didn't see many Henry's being used. To my understand it's due to the lack of side loading gate. To my understanding, you only need 10 rounds per rifle anyhow. I own a few Henry's just not in the calibers that are required for CAS per the rules. So I am very partial to them. So my question is, are they allowed in CAS? If so, what are the pro's and con's in using them??? Any information will help greatly. Thanks in advance.
  6. I am new to the sport of CAS. Like brand new needs everything new. I understand the rules as far as whats required for firearms, so my question is in regards to the types of rifles that good to use. From the videos I have seen both on Youtube and on TV, most if not all the rifles had a side loading gate. I am a very huge fan of the Henry rifle. I own a few, just not in the caliber that is accepted by SASS rules for CAS. That being said I am very partial to them and would like to purchase/use a henry once I get started. What are peoples thoughts on the henry considering it is a tube loader. My understanding is you don't have to re-load your rifle mid round. Any advice would help. Thank you
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