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  1. Thanks, All. I've got a bit to think about, now! Smokey Burns
  2. Abe E.S. , The marlin 45 colt could not be converted (though for $1500 a .357 marlin could be). If one had to choose between running a short stroked '73 or a short stroked marlin in 45 Colt, which would you choose? The 45 acp conversion is a thought, but a good, quick, slick and rock solid rifle in 45 caliber is the first threshold to cross. Thank you, SIr! Smokey Burns
  3. Howdy! I'm returning to CAS after a romance with double action revolvers. After 2 matches shooting Wild Bunch, I've realized my '92, as worn in and reliable as it is, has a big lever throw and is costing me time. I'm uncertain if I need an Uberti '73 or a Marlin. I'm going to concentrate on Wild Bunch for know, so if I go with a '73 I'm considering having it converted to 45 ACP for ammo parity. Actually, if I shoot revo's, I'll just use my 45 acp cylinders. Which is a quicker rifle out of the box? I see most folks shooting '73's so I'm assuming they can be raced up pretty well. In short, should I pick up a '73 or a marlin? Appreciate any input! Smokey Burns
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