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  1. Hashknife Cowboy has a nice one for sale on the wire. Add is still up for it.
  2. Found one. Thanks to everyone that replied. Hank
  3. Range saftey is everybodys concern. That being said, the quickest way to loose the fun factor for yourself and everyone around you is to be "that guy". Local matches have some discretion usually built in so people of varying degrees of experience and abilities can come out, shoot and have fun...safely. This should not be the case for more formal events where rules should be expected to be applied in more detail. Is it really your place to tell the 80 year old shooter that his bellybutton is not located one inch below his chest? And does it really make that much of a difference? Sure there are some things that bother everyone, just don't go down the road where you are more concerned about what everyone else is doing that you forget to have FUN.
  4. I will take them. Sent you a message.
  5. Just wondering if it would be cheaper to go to a paper type publication (like a newspaper) instead of a glossy magazine. You could do a Annual Glossy Magazine once a year and then a few newspaper editions thru out the year or just all newspaper editions. Newspaper ones could be set up to look like old western newspapers. Could also do online versions worked in also. As a relatively new member I look forward to the CC, it is put together well but I understand the cost and time issues involved. Another option (please don't kill the messenger) would be to open up the ads to non Cowboy Action companies. If any of you get the VFW magazine you know what I am talking about. I don't mind passing over ads for hearing aids and "blue pills" if it gets me a cool magazine to read.
  6. It has a "Two Shot Feeding" system. You can load two shells in at one time. It runs great (obviously the more you practice the smoother it becomes). I believe the "Drop 2" is another design which accomplishes the same thing. Thanks
  7. For Sale: Excellent Condition Coyote Cap Special Edition Model 1887 Lever Action 12 gauge Shotgun. Low round count, functions great. Comes with original box and Chokes. $850.00 plus shipping to your FFL.. Open to trades but currently I am interested a 1873 in 45LC . If you have something else let me know. If you have any questions let me know. Thanks for looking.
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