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  1. Don't use it in the rifle. Pistol only. I have used the Cowboy ammo in .357, .38, .45 acp and .45 LC. Had good experience with most except the 45LC. I WOULD NOT recommend using the 45lc in any rifle. I experienced 3 squibs in one match between two rifles (two in a 66 and one in a Marlin). The customer service was good in replacing the ammo but never followed up after that. When I tried the new ammo provided I had a couple that I ran thru the rifle that sounded like a squib but were not, that's when I stopped using any of their ammo for rifle. Since then I have encountered a few other people who have experienced similar issues using it in the rifle. On a good note, the .45 acp ran flawless in two of my 1911's.
  2. If it is about membership wouldn't it be wise to find out the demographics of the people who are joining SASS now? Find out where new members are coming from and focus most of the attention on that instead of fishing for people who most likely will not join. If it's the 50 and older crowd with disposal income then figure out how to target them. You can market SASS as a sport that is fun first and focus on the people, friendships and after shooting socializing. If you are going to try and attract a younger crowd you better put back some of the action into Cowboy Action Shooting. I would also not encourage any more categories. We are a sport that has distinctly different shooting styles and we should have World Champions in each (Cowboy/Cowgirl, Duelist, Gunfighter etc) and ditch the overall champion. At the same time it would be up to the local club to work new shooters thru using gear they have with the expectation that they are working towards getting everything.
  3. Is there a size on the Cavalry shirt? I will take it if it is a xl
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