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  1. And you can get a Rossi for around $500 and pistols for $470 each and a Stoger coach gun. Not much more than the bargain basement 3 gun set up you listed. Plus a lot of people selling used stuff. The point was, if you want to do it you will find a way. Plenty of broke people who can't do stuff but they can drop $200 for dinner and bar hopping, $1000 on the iPhone ver 975 etc etc.... Hell, if a new guy shows up, most of the time people are throwing guns at them so they can shoot.
  2. I'll be your Huckleberry ha ha, I saw the same post on FB, and tend to agree a bit. To use a concept from another Cowboy shooter, if there is no degree of accuracy it's not a sport. Coming from 3 gun and IDPA you do get points for being accurate on the target, there are scoring areas. Cowboy Action looses credibility when people see videos of fast shooters but the targets are so close it is on the edge of ridiculous. Like yourself I am a new shooter and all the clubs and events that I have shot at so far do not have targets that close. I don't think I would have pursued the sport if they were. I do think there has to be a middle ground between high action and stand and deliver, especially for our older shooters. One thing I believe is a cop out is when people say it's to expensive to start. A beginner set up is no more expensive than a set up for 3 gun, high power shooting or any other hobby. If you want to do it you will find a way. Of course these our my opinions, and opinions are like as.......
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