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  1. Yes it is a great machine pumps out great quality shot shells. I can see why you are loading 16gA. learned to shot a sweet 16GA as a kid.
  2. Hi Poor Red, We will let you when it arrives. I my test a gave some setting currently for powder and shot bar settings. Primers are standard 209 primers, I used federal brands. I will send the recipe and all instructions in carton with loader.
  3. Hi Church Key, I think I shot with you over the years. Yes it is good deal. I will hold your info if I decide to split. I setup it for TwoDancin Guns for ultra low recoil with adjusting shot and powder setting. You now that. Ruger Ron
  4. MEC 9000E with electric drive AUTO-MATE 12 gauge shotgun shell loader with micrometer adjustable powder and shot bar. Like new less than 500 shells loaded. Originally $1,200 asking $700 plus shipping.
  5. Good Morning Captain.  The Dillon reloader is sold, the gentleman is sending out the check.

    Dillion Square 38.JPG

    1. Ruger Ron
    2. CAPTAIN


      Ok, thank you for the update

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