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  1. Actually, I don't know. I am not an expert in real guns. But I do know that everything above 7,5 jules (I don't know how much fps that is.) of pressure is strongly regulated. I can imagine that C&B could actually be more difficult. If I'm not mistaken you need a special licence to handle loose powder in Germany. But don't quote me on that.
  2. By the way. Just in case anyone is cares who I practice: It's on my Youtube channel. ;-)
  3. Hi Allie, unfortunately I don't no anyone in the "real" CAS comunity in Germany. Me and the CO2-CAS guys are just a small bunch of western enthusiasts with no access to real guns and almost no ties to them. Getting a permit to own real guns is quite hard in Germany. And it's expensive. Not to mention that you have to find a place to legally shoot. Don't get me wrong there is an indoor range to shoot .22 in every other village but to shoot big bore is seems to be totally different affair. As mentioned I'm not really into it but I contacted a CAS club member from Hamburg (the second bigest city in Germany and the nearest city to me) to ask him if it would be possible to visit a monthly match and try it myself. It turned out that they actually have to drive a 100 km down south to be able to shoot on a range they share with a club from that area... So there are many things that drive us to try CAS with CO2 guns instead: - Easy access (You just have to be 18 years of age.) - You can shoot in your back yard or basement (If you own the place or the landlord agrees, that is...) - Really cheap ammo (750 lead BBs cost me about EUR 10,--. To use them all up I need appx. 8 CO2 catridges for 40 cent a piece.) - The guns are comparativle cheap (Umarex Colt SAA: EUR 130,-- for the cheapest, Umarex Cowboy Rifle: around EUR 230,--) - No ear protection needed. - No heavy duty locker need for the guns. (In Germany real firearms need to be locked away in steel lockers certified exactly for the type of gun.) I only need to denie underaged people access to the CO2 guns. There are drawbacks: - No recoil - No smoke - Neighbors (I'm shooting on my parents farm in the countyside and ever so often I get hostile glances from over the fence as if I was a guncrasy maniac training to run amok. Probably a German problem....) - The guns are not that sturdy. They are not made of steel but of a cast zinc aloy. If got my main revolver for one year now and it suffered from a broken hammerspring already. - No shotgun (no suitable one, that is...)
  4. From what I have seen in some videos the Farsan has no ejectors just a big extractor. But I have got first hand impressions from owners that the shells are not very reliable. They don't hold the gas pressure anymore after some use. And the shells are quite expensive.
  5. The report of the BBs/pallets against the steel is loud enough.
  6. I own a APS CAM 870. It is the version with the gas tank built into the bolt instead of into each cartidge. It has a gas leakage and the back end of the firing pin bloke already after a few hundred shots. At the moment neither the gun nor any spare parts are available in Germany. Now I am stuck with an expensive piece of metal that does not work. I cannot recommend buying it. Don't get me wrong there are shotguns which are (in theory) suitable. The APS CAM 870, Farsan double barrel, Marushin M1887. But they are either not reliable or not available in Germany. And all of them are quite expensive.
  7. Good day to you all, Great to see that Sunset Sams video has found some attention on the other side of the pond. Although there is a CAS community here in Germany, due to our gun laws it is not easy to enter this great hobby. As a result about two years ago Sunset Sam had the idea to look for Western fans in the German CO2 gun community. This sparked the development for a CAS with CO2 guns. With the replica of the Colt SAA and the Walther Lever Action there were already two CO2 guns available to get really close to the "true" CAS experience without needing all the permits and real steel guns. Unfortunately the Walther Lever Action is not shell ejecting and there is still no suitable CO2 shotgun available. Nevertheless we did not want to wait: In June 2018 we held our first CO2 CAS in Germany. It was great fun: As you see, there is quite some room for improvement. (Especially in the guns safty department...) Now we are really excited about the new Umarex Legends Cowboy Rifle! Although it is modelled after the Winchester 1894 it is using the same shells as the Umarex Colt SAA. So technically both are pistol caliber. To address the problem with bouncing BBs I personally shoot Mauser real.smart BBs. These are copper coated lead BBs which deform on impact like pellets do. Now some manufacturer only has to come up with a suitable shotgun and we will be fully in busines. :-) Wish us look. So long Iron Hands Pete
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