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  1. You bet we do! My email is timothyhruby@gmail.com Please tell me where to send the check and how much. Thanks again! TTT
  2. The pistols are 22 caliber. I just bought them these cause I found them used. If your Vaqueros or a Uberti Cattleman fit in those holsters I’d be interested in buying them. Not sure if single six’s are smaller. Thanks again.
  3. Thanks Dirty! The kids have a pair of Stoger/Uberti 1873 clones. (Almost identical to my Vaqueros) She wears her brothers gun belt at about 33-34” Thanks again ! TTT
  4. Thanks Eyesa Horg! Your right about the "best people" we have been blessed to run across great people in this sport.
  5. My daughter Silverado Soph #108371 just joined our crew of gunslingers! She is 10 years old and is looking for help with her gear and outfit. She will be using my 9422, and her brothers shotgun and revolvers, but I’d like to find her a gun belt and 20 gauge ,and .22 slides. She is a ranch raised cowgirl, so shouldn’t need boots. But Silverado Soph has a flair for the BLING, so a B Western shirt or two would be great also. She wears women’s small. Thanks for helping out Silverado Soph. Her first competitive shoot will be Hell on Wheels, she looks forward to meeting you there.
  6. Can you show a picture of the spot where extension was added? I'm interested for my daughter, but we would have to take the extension back out, or add something on the back so it could be adjusted as she grows.
  7. Little too fancy for this cowboy Thanks anyway!
  8. My son and I are new to cowboy action shooting. We are getting awful tired of reloading ammo one round at a time. Hoping someone has a press that they dont use, or upgraded from, or just want an excuse to upgrade. We shoot .357 and have dies.
  9. I’d like to find someone that would short stroke and do an action job on my son’s Henry 22. I’ve heard that Widder does a nice job, but I don’t know how to get ahold of him. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!
  10. Hello.  I was wondering if you would be interested in short stroking my son, Cowboy Ty's, Henry 22.  He shot one at Briggsdale that you had done and really liked it.



    Trigger Trippn Tim

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