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  1. What brand shells are you using? I've seen youtube videos of people with that same issue and in most cases it seems the issue is caused by using Winchester ammo.
  2. Based on these responses I might be missing something but this seems pretty cool to me. I've never shot a centerfire Henry but I have a little .22lr carbine that is very smooth/reliable and is by far the most fun firearm I own. Every time I go shooting I throw it in the truck with whatever else I'm bringing
  3. Thanks. I've got it tightened up now. Planning on trying it for the first time after work today!
  4. Not sure what the owners name is but I bought it at Triple Threat Armory in Affton MO. Haha I'm sure that'll happen sometime down the road. The Cimarron just seemed like it was harder to find so I figured I'd start with that one.
  5. One more question (I hope) since you all have been so helpful. I just cleaned the gun for the first time and the extractor fell out when I tilted it up. There is a notch on the bottom of the extractor and what appears to be a set screw on the bottom of the barrel assembly (which I am assuming allows the extractor to extract without falling out if tightened a bit). Just wanted your opinions if i'm completely off base or if this is by design as I haven't seen anything in the manual and haven't found anything online. Thanks
  6. Well thank you all for the advice! Proud new owner of the Cimarron. It's pretty tight so takes some force to break the action open but I'm assuming it'll loosen up after some use. Now I'm just crossing my fingers hoping it doesn't rain this weekend so I can try it out...
  7. Haha yeah you are probably right that i'll end up with both at some point. I've seen 'TTN' thrown around a couple times. Is the TTN the same as the Cimarron but imported by a different company? Thanks for the info! I know it's not the doc holiday version but I'm going to swing by the shop after work and will check the model number.
  8. Thanks for the info! I'm planning to check them out again tomorrow and will check the bores. Both guns are fixed open chokes.
  9. Well until I make my decision I'll just say it's somewhere in Missouri . But if I opt not to buy it I'd be happy to provide all the info. It's a small operation so not sure if they ship though. Yeah the price seems right. I just haven't been able to find many reviews on it to. Pretty basic gun though so I'm assuming it goes bang when you want it to. I handled it for a bit and it's built like a tank.
  10. Hi all, I've been wanting to get a coach gun and was leaning toward getting a hammerless dual trigger Stoeger in 12 gauge. I went to a couple local gun shops to see what they had and I came across a dual trigger Cimarron hammer coach and I really liked the classic looks of the hammers. I asked the owner if he sells a lot of them and he said the gun has been sitting on his shelf for years and he's selling it at cost bc nobody seems interested in it. I'm torn between the two guns so wanted to get some input from you all to see what you'd recommend? The Stoeger is $430 and the Cimarron is $460 but since it's been sitting for so long I might be able to get it for less than that. FWIW I don't currently shoot CAS but it's something I'm interested in trying. So for the time being it would mostly be just a "fun gun" that would potentially be used for CAS down the road. Thanks
  11. Very good to hear. I purchased a remling 30-30 around 2012 and the fit, finish and function was terrible. I've heard their newer rifles have improved a lot so sounds like they are heading in the right direction.
  12. I don't currently shoot CAS but the guns are leading me to it. I've been shooting my whole life and had never owned anything remotely close to a cowboy gun. Then about 6 months ago I came across a Heritage Rough Rider in 22lr/22mag for $90 and thought 'eh it's so cheap I might as well try it'. Had so much fun with it I bought a Henry .22lr lever gun to go with it. Then came the new vaquero in .357/.38, then came the Winchester 73 in .357/.38 to go with the vaquero. Now I'm looking at coach guns. As I'm typing this I'm realizing the rough rider was a gateway gun...
  13. I spoke with multiple employees throughout the process and they were all very nice down to earth people. I was actually looking forward to meeting them in person when I picked up the gun
  14. I thought the same thing. They told me that they didn't have the parts to fix it and they also didn't have any rifles on hand so they were going to put one aside from the next shipment which arrived about 6-7 weeks later. They also told me that they had to submit paperwork to the ATF to document that they destroyed my original gun in order to swap it for a new one. I can only speculate, but if they went through all that it must have been a long wait time for whatever parts were needed. Either way they took care of it so I'm happy. I would be hesitant to modify it though (which I don't plan to at this point)
  15. Just got the rifle back last week and they did end up replacing it. They handled all the paperwork so luckily I don't have to do anything on my end. After I picked it up I got an email documenting the previous serial # and the new one. As most speculated, they didn't give me any detail as to what the issue was on the first rifle but I was happy that they replaced it and really excited to try it out so I didn't press them on the matter. I've been busy lately and only put 50 rounds through it so far but no issues. Hoping for years of fun ahead with this rifle!
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