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  1. Thank you all. I will probably do one another time for fun, but since I picked up the full kit complete this time, I'll probably spend my leather skill time making another pocket holster for my new CCW gun. Brass: I saw the ad for the starline, but I'm probably only going to be able to retain 75% of the brass since some is shot with a lever gun. I'd really rather not pay more than $0.10/piece or so, otherwise reloading it is kind of cost prohibitive. Not including brass, I can load 1,000 lead cowboy rounds for about $155. I can buy reloaded hollow point .45 Colt hunting/defense rounds for $0.45 /each, so if I had to pay $0.20/$.25 for a piece of brass, I think it would be worth it to buy it with a bullet in it, and reload them as I go. I dunno though, that's me. I'm not into brand new brass. If I only shot revolvers I guess it would be okay, but I don't.
  2. I ended up electing to just buy a custom rig from a maker here. Save me time, and get a really high quality piece. Win/win.
  3. Called, no more. Oh well. I'll see if I can just find a used one for now, play around a bit.
  4. Yeah, I'm bummed. I think it was like $100 or something, but it was a belt, holster, the small leather strap to make bullet loops... etc. For the cash it was pretty nice, depending on your finishing ability though obviously.
  5. That's who I was talking about. I can no longer find it on their site.
  6. Hello, I remember a bunch of years ago, some websites had kits available to make your own western style holster. I recently purchased a Uberti to play with, and was hoping to find one of those kits to make a holster and belt for the gun. I went to the website, and the kits are now no where to be found. Are there any companies that I can get a pre cut kit from? I know it's cheaper to buy the stuff and make the holster from scratch, but this isn't for competition, and I would rather pay a couple dollars more and skip the hours of cutting. Thanks in advance! (if you know of any bulk .45 colt brass lots, I'll take them too!)
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