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  1. I'm just setting up my Dillon 550. I'm new to the CAS, but one thing i heard from several shooters at our match was that they liked Trail Boss for 45 Colt. I'm starting with a 5.5 grain load per the Hornady site. I switched to the large powder bar, and I weighed each powder charge, and noticed that it would vary between 5.5 and 5.7 grains. Is that a typical variance? Or do I have some calibration left to do? Thanks for the help!
  2. Good Morning! I was contacted by a gentleman from Cimarron yesterday afternoon. We talked over the problem. I probably should have called Cimarron first, rather than sending it back through Sportsman's Warehouse. If I had contacted Cimarron first, it would have sped the process up. Nothing against Sportsman's Warehouse, but it just adds another entity into the mix. I was glad to get the phone call, it was nice to talk to someone and explain what happened.
  3. I thought about taking it to the local gunsmith, but was a bit aggravated that it didn't work! Factory was a bad choice of words, I suppose. We hadn't used any reloads, I'm just starting to get into reloading the 45 colt. I have a Cimarron 1858 Conversion that I dearly love, so it didn't occur to me on that on this firearm we'd have a problem. Luckily, the club here stepped in to help me and my son out, he got to shoot some very nice well tuned Vaquero's, courtesy of one of our mentors! I like to think that's why he did better then me...
  4. Good Morning! Just got into the Cowboy Action Shooting world. I added a new Cimarron Evil Roy to balance my Uberti Cattleman. It had a light primer strike on 2 out of 5 rounds during the 8 or 9 times we attempted to fire it. I'm certain that it will be taken care of at the factory. According to the Cimarron FAQ's it looks like it can be 60 days or so for the gun to be repaired. I'm certain that it will be taken care of, but I was wondering if anyone had real-life experiences with turnaround times. Thanks!
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