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  1. That's definitely an option, although I can't buy anything right away given that I just bought the Frontier and haven't even shot it yet... and may be looking at [more] expensive car repairs that just resurfaced yesterday. The two position base pin is no problem at all, since I replaced the two position Pietta pin on the Frontier with a single position Uberti pin. It dropped right in. Thanks for the help.
  2. Thanks for the advice. Do you have the Reader's Digest condensed version of what a conversion would entail, and whether you know if anybody's doing it? I might be able to swallow hard and get a 3 click gun with the fixed firing pin, but the retractable firing pin is a stone cold deal breaker, on the level of a Winchester 92 with a pushbutton manual safety. Again, thanks for the valuable information.
  3. I was hoping that it would be possible to swap in Pietta parts the way I swapped an Uberti single position cylinder pin for the dual position pin in my Cimarron (Pietta) Frontier.
  4. I replaced the two position cylinder axis pin in my Cimarron Frontier with a single position Uberti pin. Is it possible to replace the 3 click Uberti lockwork with 4 click Pietta lockwork?
  5. I sent him a PM. Thanks.
  6. I'm considering a 7 1/2" Cimarron Bisley clone and am wondering if it has the traditional 4 click Colt type action and fixed firing pin on the hammer. Thanks.
  7. I haven't even had the chance to shoot my new Cimarron Frontier and I'm so happy with it that I'm already looking at my next purchase. Is there a Bisley clone with the same 4 click Colt type action as my Cimarron Frontier? I ESPECIALLY don't want a transfer bar gun. I don't think anybody still makes a flat top clone, but I'd like to have a 7 1/2" Bisley clone in .44 Special in either flat top or regular frame.
  8. A better picture shot in my rebuilt light tent:
  9. My initial picture of it. I'm still working on a better stage to properly photograph it:
  10. I just picked up the Uberti base pin which I ordered from Gun Parts. It dropped right in and appears to work perfectly.
  11. I wanted a black powder frame gun since most of the fighting history of the SAA involved that version. But I'm willing to own up to my screwup and live with having most of what I wanted. Not having a Colt type action would have been a deal breaker and would have caused me to eat the return fee. Having the later version is just a minor disappointment with my own inattention. I've got my first box of ammunition for it now, but if it's anything like as cold Monday as it is today, it'll have to wait a while.
  12. There's nothing wrong with the gun. It was my mistake, so I'll live with it. The important part was the 4 click action, and I got that.
  13. I picked the gun up Saturday. I somehow managed to screw up and order the pre-war model rather than the black powder model. My mistake. Other than that, it seems like a nice gun. I ordered a single position Uberti base pin from Gun Parts last night. We'll see how that works out. I didn't get my ammunition until last night, so I won't be able to try it until at least Sunday, probably Monday.
  14. I just ordered the Cimarron Frontier, Old Model, .45 Colt, 7 1/2" from Bud's. It's being shipped to a local dealer. Pictures when I get it.
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